Friday, April 9, 2010


Today Ayla rocked her Rocawear shoes for the first time.  :)

We love Jay-Z.

The After Math.

One thing that I love about Easter is the hard boiled eggs.  I don't like to eat them plain.  I don't especially care for them on a sandwich.  But I do love them like this:

Deviled with blue spots that somehow made it through the egg shell! (You can tell by the picture that I made the filling a tad too creamy this year.  Oh well.  There's always next year.)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Lively Place...

Recently Kelle Hampton asked the question, "Where does life occur in your home?"  I've thought this over a lot.  Where is our lively place?

It came to me this morning.  I was making faces at my girl.  She was giggling her sweet giggles back at me.  She was laying on her changing pad, contently nibbling her toes.  The changing pad that is no longer on her changing table.  The changing pad that moves around the house -what ever room we happen to be in- because that's where our girl is happiest.  I learned very quickly with our little monster that if I wanted to calm her down, I needed to lay her on her changing pad.

The changing pad is her comfort zone.  The changing pad is where she loves to smile at me, her daddy, her kitty.  Where she talks and sings the most.  Where she can most comfortably see everything going on above and around her.  The pretty pink changing pad that so compliments her light skin and dark hair.  The changing pad where Tiny is learning some of life's most important lessons.

The changing pad is our ever-moving lively place!

This is the day when Ayla learned about her new special place.  And how much she loved it.

Where she learned that lounging in an over-sized robe after a warm bath is one of the best feelings!

This is where she fell in love with her kitty, Malky.

And where she learned that even if you love someone, it's sometimes hard to share your special place...

So naturally Malky learned that this is also HER favorite place.

It's where Tiny learned to wave at the camera.

And where we all learned that sometimes none of us know what we're doing and the best solution is to just cry about it.

Where Ayla learned that the right amount of charm can melt daddy's heart like butter on a hot biscuit!

This is where Ayla learned that her mommy is the funniest gal around.  :)

And she learned that watching cartoons in our jammies is the best.

It's where she learned that no matter how much money you spend on toys... the best things in life are free.  And are toes.

She learned that it's where we like to play dress up.  And un-dress up.

Yup, mommy's still funny.

It's where she is learning to LOVE holidays!

And most of all....

It's where I learned that no matter how much I love her today, I will love her so much more tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This was Ayla's first Easter.

She was my little flower.

We also gave our babe some tummy time.  Something she hates.  We love watching her scoot around her blanket.  It's crazy to think about how soon she'll be crawling!

And that night, after Tiny was put to sleep, Joseph Brandon and I colored Easter eggs!  Next year I will be prepared with vinegar and coloring crayons.  Our eggs were not very vibrant, unfortunately.  And I had to write on them with a marker and not a crayon.  :)

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ayla and her Bumbo

She LOVES it!