Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This was Ayla's first Easter.

She was my little flower.

We also gave our babe some tummy time.  Something she hates.  We love watching her scoot around her blanket.  It's crazy to think about how soon she'll be crawling!

And that night, after Tiny was put to sleep, Joseph Brandon and I colored Easter eggs!  Next year I will be prepared with vinegar and coloring crayons.  Our eggs were not very vibrant, unfortunately.  And I had to write on them with a marker and not a crayon.  :)

Happy Easter!


  1. Cute! Tummy time is the best. They hate it but it's so fun to watch them. Even if it is a little bit mean. How have I missed so much on your blog? Don't mind my million comments...

  2. Ah!! That is the cutest costume!!! lol I love your eggs way pretty! P.s. Savannah hated tummy time too lol