Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday night football.

Kyle plays flag football on Wednesday nights.   His niece's love to play with my camera.  One Wednesday night I had 316 photos to upload.  316.  I'll just share a few.  :)

Sidnie, Jaycee, and Brynn
"Fat man face."
Logan :)  Photo cred. goes to Brynn!
Kyle and his brother Brandon
Sid and I
Sid and I.  BFF :)
Team huddle!
Charity, showing Brynn how thrilled she is to be photographed :)
Logan makes this face at the camera EVERY TIME :)

Those are all I'll post of football Wednesdays until next week...

Here are some pictures that I love, just for fun!

Ayla and Kyle :)
My cute boyfriend on his recent trip to Wisconsin with a Brett Favre look-a-like!
Cuddling while watching a movie :)  (Don't ever tell him I posted this! ha!)

BYU Football

Last weekend I attended my very first BYU football game.  This has been on my bucket list of things to do before I leave (IF I EVER LEAVE) Utah.  Kyle's mom was able to watch Ayla and we went with his brother and sister-in-law.  I had so much fun.  BYU won!  I was not expecting that!  We sat right above the visitors section.  It was fun to watch the obviously drunk UCF fans get all worked up.  I loved sitting with Kyle and cheering and eating hot dogs and ice cream and texting our good friend Corinne, who supplied fun conversation/entertainment.  Her and her boyfriend were also at the game, just not sitting near us.  Next BYU game... I am so getting a cougar tail.  AKA giant maple bar.  Mmmm.


I'm sad that I don't have any pictures of Kyle and I together from the fair or the game.  I need to get better at that!

This week's upcoming adventures... bowling with Corinne and Brady and Saturday at Lagoon!  Pictures to come!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Utah State Fair

Last night Kyle took Ayla and I to the Utah State Fair.  I have been craving a fair lately (the sights, sounds, animals, cotton candy, and candied apples!) so I was SUPER excited!

We got to visit his mom and sister-in-law at their booth "Sweetie Beadie" where they sold beaded watch bands, necklaces, and earrings.  We got cotton candy, walked around all the booths, watched seals perform a bit, played some ridiculously expensive games and lost terribly (I ALMOST made the baskets and he ALMOST got the football through the stars), and we got to see the animals!  Mine and Ayla's favorite part!  We saw doves and various other birds, including an Emu that Ayla called "Nemo", bunnies, goats, and cows! (My personal fav)

Ayla was excited by everything going on around her and didn't want to sit still!
Ayla with the seals in the background.  She called them "puppies".
I like that they're making the same face that says "Put the camera away!"
Ayla and Kyle petting the goats :)
"Hello horsey!"
This isn't the best picture but it shows how friendly my little girl is.  She loves everyone! (kinda scary)
This bull almost killed Ayla.  Literally.  Immediately after this picture was taken he started swinging his head back and forth at her and his horns almost took her out.  I have never been so scared!

We had a really great time at the fair!  Thank you Kyle, and thanks to Kyle's mama for the free passes!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Just love.

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's been a minute.

June?  That's the last time I updated my blog?  Gross.  How will I ever know what happened from June until September?  I can tell you that there is a lot that I don't want to remember but some things that I never want to forget.

Ayla is so big.  She's 22 months (2 months away from two years old?!) and talking up a storm.  She laughs really loud like her mom, talks constantly, and sings almost all the time.  I cannot even wrap my head around how cute she is.  She calls me "honey" and I love it.  I will write more about her and everything that she has been learning and accomplishing in her 2 year post, seeing as I probably won't blog until then. ;)

Ayla and I moved into our own apartment.  It's actually a house which was converted int two living spaces.  My walls are a super light teal and we still have stairs (which makes it feel more home-y to me) and I can't remember the last time I have been so happy with my living situation.

There is a boy.  He says sweet things and brings me flowers and gets me necklaces when he goes out of town.  He holds my hand and tells me I'm beautiful and he lets me cry when I need to and he always knows when to ask if I'm ok and he always always always makes me smile and he even sings me songs.  He plays with my baby and he tells her he will miss her when he says good bye and she gives him kisses.  The kisses thing is HUGE, I can barely get her to kiss me.  If she loves him...  that's a good sign.  I think children are excellent judges of character.  And I think he is wonderful.

That's just a very quick update.  Very quick.  Here are some pictures.  I vow to be better at this lil blog!

Go Packers!
Skype session with Grandma and Uncle.
My hair is getting long.  Like, really long.
Today :)
My pretty necklace from a special boy
Yup, it's a Packers necklace :)