Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday night football.

Kyle plays flag football on Wednesday nights.   His niece's love to play with my camera.  One Wednesday night I had 316 photos to upload.  316.  I'll just share a few.  :)

Sidnie, Jaycee, and Brynn
"Fat man face."
Logan :)  Photo cred. goes to Brynn!
Kyle and his brother Brandon
Sid and I
Sid and I.  BFF :)
Team huddle!
Charity, showing Brynn how thrilled she is to be photographed :)
Logan makes this face at the camera EVERY TIME :)

Those are all I'll post of football Wednesdays until next week...

Here are some pictures that I love, just for fun!

Ayla and Kyle :)
My cute boyfriend on his recent trip to Wisconsin with a Brett Favre look-a-like!
Cuddling while watching a movie :)  (Don't ever tell him I posted this! ha!)

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