Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Joseph and I never made to to the parade OR the zoo last weekend!

I tried to get up early Friday morning for the parade, I really did, but I just couldn't get myself out of bed! I guess I will have to plan on going next year...

As for the zoo, we decided to postpone that trip until this upcoming weekend. This past weekend we decided to put all of our time and focus into decorating/organizing our house. It was a lot of fun! After numerous walmart trips and 2 Ikea trips our house feels a lot more like a home. We got a rug for the living room floor and a couple different plants and plant stands. I got a bunch of candles. We also bought a coffee table and an ottoman that opens up and can double as storage.

We also rearranged the babies room and set up our computer (FINALLY). We got internet installed! We lived there for over a month with no internet! That was difficult for us. :)

I was able to see my good friend Lauren a couple times this weekend as well. I watched her unpack boxes in her new apartment (which is 3 minutes from mine, conveniently.) I wasn't a whole lot of help, but I was company! We also got to see Christine, which was fun, I haven't seen her in so long! She's getting married on the 7th and Lauren, her husband Sean, and I are going to making the drive home to WA for the celebration!

Me and Lauren on her 21st birthday 8/6/2007

Me and Christine who knows when... 2004?

After all of that was done it was back to work... It's been a very busy work week which is ok with me because the week goes so much faster.

I finished up my registry at Babies-R-Us, that was so much fun! I keep going through and adjusting things online though, so I'm sure it will continue to change a lot.

Carissa and I went shopping for supplies for the baby shower invites yesterday! 3 hours of craft stores (with breaks for Italian sodas)! We settled on a bunch of really cute stuff. I'm excited to get them made! I also decided on the "thank you" gifts I'll hand out and they will be super cute as well!

All this baby stuff is great, I just want her to be here already! I don't want to be pregnant anymore! I want to have my shower NOW so I can know what I'll still need to buy myself and so that I can put her room together for real. I am so impatient, I'm going crazy!

Tonight is Christine's bridal shower.... I hope to have pictures from that tomorrow... :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holiday Weekend...

I am so looking forward to this weekend!

Tomorrow Joseph and I are going to get up super early and head to Salt Lake City for the Days of 47 parade! I am so excited! It's one of the biggest parades in the nation and it should be really fun. I still have a blast at parades even if I am 24!

This weekend Joseph is also taking me to the Hogle Zoo in SLC. I convinced him that I NEED to go and see the new baby snow leopard they have there. Snow Leopards have been my favorite "big cat" since I was little and I can't wait to see the little guy!

I should have a lot of pictures from the parade and the zoo to post on Monday! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Cat Malky, the most jealous cat in the world.

Last night my extremely jealous and possessive cat realized that the crib and allllll the baby things inside it are not for her.

When I got out of bed this morning I walked out of my room and saw a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal that Joseph's sister-in-law got the baby from Disneyland. I was like, huh, that's weird, that was in the crib. So I walked into the baby's room.

Every single baby item that was in the crib was strewn about the room. There were baby clothes EVERY WHERE. She had taken each piece of clothing and dragged them around the room. There is a cute tutu I bought that she snagged all over. She chewed all the baby headbands so they are no longer headbands, they are just strips of cloth with bows on them. She even pulled the baby carrier out of the crib.

As I stood there staring at the damage she calmly walked in the room, stretched, meowed LOUDLY, jumped in the crib, and layed out across it, purring contently.

It was everything I could do not to throw her at the wall. I love her very much, she is an extremely funny kitty, but she is so possessive of me! I'm thinking she won't do very well with the baby. She's probably not going to like that I will be holding something else all the time and not her. She's probably not going to be able to sleep on my head anymore either! We'll see how it goes....

Here are some funny pictures of Malky-

Malky in the bathroom sink, one of her choice relaxtion spots.

Malky in the bedroom.
Malky and me sleeping.
Our usual sleep position.
And Again.
Another position she likes.
Malky in the car. She LOVES riding in the car and sitting in the back window.

Another strange place she will sit forever...
Caught her!

She is such a funny kitty.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

24 Weeks

Week 24


This morning I had a dream about our baby. She was probably around 4 or 5 months old in my dream. I remember dressing her up in the outfits that I have already got for her and taking her to a store with me. When I woke up I had the strangest feeling. I missed her! Is it possible to miss something that you don't even have yet? I remember waking up and thinking, man, I don't want to have to wait so long to have her! It seems like we still have forever! According to my countdown I have 111 days to go! That's a lot! I'm sure it will go by quickly though, the past 23 1/2 weeks sure have.

This past weekend was fun. We hung out with Joseph's friend Kyle and his fiance Jessy. They grew up together in California. (Joseph and Kyle) We went to Jessy's house for a surprise party for Kyle on Thursday night, which he ruined. He was there when we showed up, he apparently wouldn't leave, so there was no surprise. Then Friday night we went to Red Robin with the same people that were at the surprise party and had a birthday dinner. On Sunday we had a mini Harry Potter marathon to prepare for the 6th movie. We went to Kyle's and watched The Sorcerer's Stone (the 1st movie), part of Prisoner of Azkaban (the 3rd movie), and The Order of the Phoenix (the 5th movie). It was a lot of fun!

Speaking of Harry Potter... we are going to see the midnight showing of The Half-Blood Prince tonight!! I cannot wait! It's going to be fun to watch the movie with all of the nerds that dress up like the characters :) I wanted to go to Salt Lake to see it but because it's a work night we decided to stick around here. I've been waiting for this movie forever! I bet it will be scary :)

Kyle's Birthday Dinner at Red Robin in Provo.

Harry Potter!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The past week...

My mom has officially gone back to Washington. It's strange not having her around. Definitely a lot more boring. Joseph and I had a lot of fun having her here. We ate way too much and we spent a lot of money (mainly my mom spent a lot of money) and we got out of town more than usual! That was really nice. We definitely get stuck in our little bubble here a lot more than we would like.

It was fun to spend time with my mom and go out to Tooele and visit the Shepherd family out there as well as spend some time with Joseph's grandma Clara and his dad Gene. It's nice being close to family, even if we don't see them very much. I'm glad that Joseph actually likes my family, it's very refreshing to have someone who actually enjoys going to visit them and is sad when they are gone. He's asked me when we're going to Washington to visit my family on numerous occasions. I wish we could get up there more! And it's also nice that I like his family. They live a little closer than my extended family so we get to drop in on them a little more often. His grandma Clara is so sweet and always nice to visit with. And Joseph loves getting to visit his dad, even if the visits are short it is always nice to see him. He took Joseph, my mom, and myself out to dinner this past weekend and spoiled us with a delicious meal at Iggy's. Earlier in the week my mom and I went out to dinner with Clara at Applebee's, that was also a fun visit and a good meal.

The top photo is my mom, me, and Clara. The bottom photo is Clara and I.

I hate these pictures because I look AWFUL in them, but they are the only ones we have!

While my mom was here we also got to see my Grandma Gloria (my mom's mom) and my Grandma Ruby (my dad's mom). I haven't seen my grandma's in way too long, even though they both live here in Utah. Like I said, I get stuck in the little bubble here in Provo/Orem.

Overall my mom's trip was really fun. She always spoils us and takes very good care of us when she comes to visit. We'll miss her a ton and we're excited for her visit when the baby comes.

As far as my pregnancy goes I am feeling pretty good. I'm starting to get tired more often again, but I have a feeling the heat has a lot to do with that. I have been taking a lot of naps recently! My stomach is still getting a little bigger every day. And Ayla seems to get more active each day as well. She's definitely taking advantage of all that extra space she has in there to move around. Joseph and I registered at Babies'R'Us the other night and had a lot of fun doing it. It's funny how much we actually enjoy looking at all the baby stuff! I want to buy everything NOW and start setting up her room NOW, but I guess I need to be patient! I'll wait to see what I get at my baby shower and then go from there I suppose. I just get anxious and feel like if I don't do it now I won't have enough time to get everything prepared, which I know is a little ridiculous. I know I still have time! Patience has never been my strong point...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

23 Weeks

Week 23

Me at 23 Weeks. (It's blurry, cell phone pictures are never the best)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Shower

My good friend Carissa Fillmore is organizing a baby shower for me. It will be in August. I am making a list of people to invite and I need addresses! If you read this blog (and are a female) you are invited! Please get me your address ASAP so that you can get an invitation in the mail.

Baby's first pictures!

We had our ultra sound at 22 weeks! Here are the pictures of our (confirmed twice) little girl!

Ayla's Profile

Ayla's Face! (this is the coolest one, even if she does look like a skeletor)

Her little foot.

And the apparent proof that she is a girl. (Those two white dots are her ovaries
It's really fun to finally have pictures of her! Even though most people I show have no idea what they are looking at. They get the straight on face shot and the foot, but the other two they don't see as well. I can't wait to have pictures of the REAL her in just a few more months!