Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

I don't know about you guys, but if I wash my hair every day it turns to straw.  I mean dry as the desert, splitting, breaking, damaged straw.  It's not ideal.  So I don't shampoo every day.  I do the pony-tail-on-top-of-my-head-bangs-pinned-back shower thing.  (I really should invest in a shower cap, I always enjoy them in hotels.)

But I do come across one problem only washing my hair ever other day or so.  The roots tend to get a little shiny while the rest of my hair stays great.  This is not ok.  And I do not have the patience to just wash my roots and let's face it, if I wash my roots some shampoo is going to reach the ends of my hair and I'm going to be facing some nasty split-ends.

An easy solution?  Dry Shampoo!  I first learned about dry shampoo wayyyy back in beauty school.  My instructor gave us a quick run down on it, posing uses like "hospital invalids" and "old women who only washed once a week".  Uh, hello?  What about the everyday girl who wants to save the integrity of her over-colored, over-teased, over-heat styled hair?

There are plenty of dry shampoos out there.  And there are plenty of at-home remedies that are much cheaper than a store bought product.  If you don't have access to professional products like a cosmetologist does, there are some affordable every store varieties.  One of the newest and most advertised of these is TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.  I was stoked to try this one as soon as I saw the commercial.  I mean really, I would love to just spritz this life-saving product onto my day old hair to keep away any unhealthy looking shine from my roots!  One trip to Target and $5 later I was holding this product, upset that I had freshly washed hair.  So I waited until the next day when my hair was awesome in every aspect but a bit-o'-shine at the top.

1.  The smell is fantastic.
2.  The spray is even.

I have nothing else good to say.  I sprayed fairly lightly as to avoid a problem.  Didn't matter.  In a matter of minutes my hair felt yucky.  It felt like the day after too much hairspray/mousse/gel.  I didn't notice any decrease in shine, in fact, it seemed to have amped up the shine, which would be great if I were looking for the greasy grunge look, which I am not.

I gave it a fair 3 or 4 times of trying and every time I was embarrassed because I feel like my hair looked worse than it would of had I just left it alone.

I'll be sticking to my home remedy for the shine: Cornstarch.  Yup.  $.85 for a box that lasts MONTHS.  You just pinch a bit on your fingers, rub it into any problem areas and voila!  All oils have been soaked up and your hair looks FANTASTIC.  Seriously.  It's a life saver.  Especially for new moms who fall behind in shampooing...  Trust me on this.  But please please please use sparingly!  You don't want your hair to look like it has powder in it and too much cornstarch can definitely be seen in darker hair if you aren't careful!

Moral of the story:  save your money and stick to the simpler, though odd sounding, cornstarch!


I, like I sometimes do, have been lacking in blog creativity.

So I will share some random thoughts and maybe a random picture or two.

1.  Snow.  With this being my 4th year in Utah I should be used to snow in March/April/June.  But I'm not.  I'm not happy with it.  I am cold and fed up with it.  I am sick of coats and sweatshirts and boots.  It's time to move on to t-shirts and open-toed shoes.

2.  Let me start by saying I AM NOT JUDGMENTAL.  To each their own.  Really.  I just wonder why it is that LDS girls, ones that make it very clear what they believe and that they are firm in their beliefs, find it ok to wear the very smallest of bikinis.  This is not me throwing any stones, believe you me, I am in no place to be throwing stones.  I just wonder.  Why is it that on Sunday skirts are down past the knee, necklines are up to the chin, sleeves to the wrist, scriptures open in laps... but any other day of the week there are boobs and butts and shoulders galore.  Is there some sort of unspoken rule that makes it ok to not follow this guidance from The Church?  Just wondering.

3.  At work you can earn a pair of shoes of your choice up to $100 if you can get 3 accounts installed the very same day that they are sold.  The sales rep gets a pair of shoes and the scheduler who can get those three scheduled also gets a pair of shoes.  This is going on until the 31st.  I FINALLY (after days of missing it by 1!) earned a pair of shoes.  Or any number of pairs equalling $100.  I am leaning towards some cute Sperry's or some open-toed flowery numbers.  I just can't decide.

4.  I am going to do a product review in my next update.

That's all.

Ayla couldn't let the tongue thing go...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happiest girl!

Yesterday I got a Maclaren Volo stroller. I was very excited about it. Ayla could care less. In fact, Ayla isn't a fan of strollers. She wants to be held or to walk by herself. BUT... when Ayla saw this stroller she was all toooo happy to climb on in herself. She settled in, babbling, giggling, and kicking her feet! Let's hope she still likes it when it comes time to use it on our vacation...

Our vacation that she is prepped for with her very first purse and some stylin' sunglasses! Yay for a couple days away from the freezing cold desert!

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No Internet? What is this, 1999?

Today I showed up to work at 6:57 AM with my hot coffee ready to catch up on some blog reading. I logged onto my computer, clocked in, scanned my work emails, and opened Internet explorer.

This is what I saw:

Seriously?! No more internet?

This is not ok work has been so slow lately. What in the world am I going to do with my time? I guess I should pick up some new books...

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last year around this time...

California 2010.

The west coast is calling my name...

Especially this:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ayla Marie at 16 months old.

Her first time using Photo Booth on my MacBook 3/5/2011
Yesterday Ayla officially turned 16 months old.  16 months!  Where does time go? 

Ayla at 16 months old:

  • She walks/runs all over the place.  She's CONSTANTLY in motion.
  • She is LOUD.  Always babbling and singing and shrieking.
  • She is her happiest when mommy and daddy are with her at the same time, which doesn't happen very often due to our schedules.
  • She is extremely independent.  She wants to do things on her own, doesn't like to be helped, and even likes to be in her room all by herself.  She even pushed me out of her room and tried to shut the door behind me the other day.  (Sneak peek of 16 year old Ayla?!)
  • She is obsessed with Malky.  Obsessed.  I can't tell you how often I find her trying to pick poor Malky up.  She wants Malky on her lap and she wants Malky to be face to face with her so she can poke at her nose.  She loves to rest her head on Malky and giggle.  Luckily, Malky is the most patient kitty in the world and allows Ayla to do all of this, purring the whole time.
  • Ayla loves books.  She loves to read them herself and have them read to her.
  • Ayla's favorite song is the "A-B-C song".  As soon as I start to sing it she starts to laugh.  When I finish she starts up again with "Ah Ah Ah" in the right tune, hoping that I'll sing it again, which I do!
  • Her favorite place to be is her bed.  I'm not even kidding, she wants to be in her bed all the time.  She likes to bring her toys and her books and sit in her bed.
  • Her favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch.  It's official, she's over Sesame Street at the moment. (Hallelujah!) When I try to put anything else on she gets upset, goes and gets Lilo and Stitch, and brings it to me saying, "Stittsss!"
  • She doesn't get mad when I put shoes on her anymore.  In fact, when she sees them she sticks her foot up in the air, making it easy!
  • Ayla loves her daddy.  When he is at work she will walk to the front door and say, "daddy daddy daddy!" and pound on the door, hoping he'll come back the way he left!
  • Ayla has been sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG.  And until after 11 most mornings!  The trick to getting her to stop waking up 5+ times a night was to keep her up until 11 PM or later.  To me this seems like bad parenting, but honestly, it's the only way any of us get good sleep in our house.  And she seems to be 10x happier, so I'm thinking it's ok.
  • Like 99% of girls, Ayla loves to stare at herself in the mirror, smiling sweetly at her own pretty reflection.
  • I'm afraid she's going to be a nerd.  The other day at the mall she practically pulled my arm off trying to get into Game Stop but then had no interest when taken into the Disney Store.  Until she saw some very boyish action figures, then she was thrilled.  She also goes nuts, laughing her deep belly laugh, at the destructive parts on Lilo and Stitch.  Guns and explosions and all.  EW.  I hope this is just a phase.
  • Ayla is walking chaos.  She destroys everything in her path.  (Too much Stitch?)  I feel like I'm constantly behind her picking up messes and putting things back in order.
  • She gives the sweetest kisses.  Often times with her mouth wide open, tongue slightly sticking out.  YUCK.  But totally worth the grossness.  Last night I said, "Ayla can I have a kiss?" as she was trotting out of my room.  She got out the door but promptly turned around and ran straight at me with her mouth open, leaning in for a big ol' kiss.  I love her!
  • She claps and says "yayyyy!" when she is happy.
  • Ayla loves bananas, cheese, and chocolate milk.
  • Ayla does NOT love hamburger.  At all.  But she does love chicken nuggets.  The opposite of her mama.
There is so much more that I could say about Tiny.  I could talk about her all day because she is perfect.  :)  I love my girl to the moon and back!

Ayla and mama, best friends!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bare Minerals vs. Sephora Mineral

This past summer I had the chance to live in St. Louis.  I was so looking forward to a warm summer in the ozarks.  I thought of my younger years, reading The Little House books and learning about The Ozarks.  It all seemed very romantic and exciting.  It wasn't.  It was hot.  I mean, miserably, sweaty, cranky, unable to sleep ever, HOT.  Like 104 degrees with 110% humidity.  Long story short, I didn't spend time on The Ozarks, I spent time in the pool.

I thought I was MELTING in St. Louis. 

Notice the shine.  It was constant.  CONSTANT.
4th of July, Kirkwood, MO, 2010.
 The makeup that I have worn everyday for ever and ever (MAC foundation) was pretty much running off my face.  I felt disgusting.  I could not wear it.  However, I can't go without makeup.  It just doesn't work for me and it wouldn't work for anyone around me.  Trust.  So after researching a bit I decided that I would give bare Minerals a shot.  I was VERY skeptical.  Powder? To cover all my flaws?  I do not think so.  Joseph and I headed over to the St. Louis Galleria Mall and I ventured into the Bare Essentials store.  I told the lady that I was interested but have never tried the product.  She sat me down and did up half of my face.  I looked in the mirror, expecting to be disappointed, I mean seriously, it's just powder.  I.  Was.  Shocked.  My skin looked flawless!  Porcelain!  I was sold right then and there.

I purchased this handy little kit:

bare Minerals Starter Kit.  $60.
This kit included the foundation powder, warmth (bronzing) powder, mineral veil (finishing powder), an instructional DVD that I never watched, and brushes.  I also ended up buying the Prime Time Foundation Primer, which I highly recommend.  It cost me $21.  So over all I paid about $82 for my bare Minerals set up.  It seems like a lot of money, but I kid you not, I still have the primer and use it, and I would still have the powders if the supposed "click and go" locking system hadn't faltered and exploded my foundation powder and warmth all over my car a couple of months ago.

I wore this makeup every day in St. Louis.  My skin was perfect.  When I came back to Utah I tried to go back to my MAC makeup my face broke out and I felt disgusting having something so heavy on my face.  I went back to bare Minerals and I will always use it.  Seriously, it's amazing.

Now for the comparison.  Obviously, bare Minerals is a little pricey.  I have noticed that Sephora has their own version of the stuff.  For a smidge cheaper.  I've wondered and wondered about this product every time I browse through Sephora (which I LOVE to do.)  When my bare Minerals exploded and I was left with no wonderful face powder, I decided this was my chance to try it out.  I went into Sephora, grabbed the nearest sales lady, and started drilling her about the differences.  OBVIOUSLY she is going to push the Sephora brand product, that's what she's paid to do.  I tried on their powder, I looked through what they had to offer, it wasn't so bad.  I decided to take a risk and purchase the Sephora Mineral Foundation.  I chose the pressed powder because I was still bitter about the explosion of loose powder in my car.  It cost me $22.

In the lightest shade available of course...
I immediately started using this product and almost immediately wasn't happy.  It was just different.  It actually felt heavier on my skin and it was more noticeable that there was powder sitting on my face.  It didn't look smooth like the bare Minerals.  But I kept using it, giving it the benefit of the doubt.  Then I started to break out.  WHAT?!  Not ok.  I didn't break out with bare Minerals.  Ever.  Why was I breaking out with this mineral make up?  The case broke of this compact very quickly.  There isn't much powder even in the compact.  And like I said, it feels heavy and you can SEE it very clearly on your face.  Isn't this stuff supposed to give you that natural beauty look?

Long story short,  bare Minerals and Sephora Mineral are not the same.  They ARE comparable, but bare Minerals, in my opinion, is so above and beyond Sephora Mineral.  I will pay a little more money any day for better quality, longer lasting, makeup. 

Hopefully this helps any of you who were wondering what the differnce is they way that I was!

Day 15 - Your First Kiss

Day 15 - Your First Kiss

I am extremely bored with this "every day blogging" assignment.  What brought this boredom on?  The fact that I don't really remember my first kiss.  Weird, right?  Who doesn't remember their first kiss?  Apparently this girl.  I sat here yesterday trying to remember.  Trying to think of what to type.  I ended up closing my "new post" page, still empty.  I remember first kisses with boys like James, Bryan, Steven...etc.  But my very very first kiss?  I'm pretty sure it was in middle school.  I'm pretty sure it was at Nicole Long's big birthday party in 8th grade during a game of truth or dare.  The boy?  I just can't remember.

SO.  The fact that I can't remember and the fact that tomorrow's subject "your dreams" is so daunting and requires a lot of thought just makes me feel lazy and apathetic towards these questions.

I am officially taking a break from these questions.  It will probably only last a couple of days, but I'm on strike!  I have some other things I want to blog about, so I will carry on with those!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 14 - What You Wore Today

Day 14 - What You Wore Today

This again?

This shirt.  In BLACK.  I couldn't find a black picture?
With something along the lines of this layered over the black shirt.  Bought at Target yesterday but not on their website. Longer than this tank shown, but with similar flowers...
These very leggings... or Jeggings...
My Simply Vera Wang ballet flats that I couldn't find a picture of but here's a link to similar shoes. ON SALE!

And I'm wearing simple stud earrings...

And my pretty compass necklace that I got for Christmas!

Day 13 - This Week

Day 13 - This Week

This week...?  This week is just like the last.  With a few small changes.
It started out on Sunday with sleeping in until 10(amazing!), getting up, getting myself and baby girl ready for the day.  Then the three of us went to Juice and Java for some coffee.  We also stopped by Big 5 to compare eliptical prices and then by Fresh Market so I could grab some bread.  Shortly after we got home Joseph had to take off to work where he would stay until 10pm.  Ayla watched Lilo and Stitch 3 times on Sunday!  Ok, not really.  The movie played 3 times, but she ran around the house with me while I sorted through our bedroom.  Top to bottom.  Rearranged.  Organized.  Did some new decorating.  Got rid of 3 big black garbage bags full of clothes.  Spring cleaning!  Yay!  By the time Ayla took a nap (on my bed, like a big girl.) it was just about time for me to settle down and watch the Oscars!  Which I did until Joseph came home.  And shortly after was bed time. 
Yesterday was Monday.  I got up, got ready for work, got coffee, and worked until 12:45ish.  I rushed home to grab Ayla and Joseph and get Joseph to work.  After we dropped Joseph off we ran to the bank.  Then we ran to Tmobile.  Then we went home so that Ayla could get a nap.  I watched Ellen.  Then I started watching Oprah.  I fell asleep somewhere around Colin Firth and woke up somwhere around Katy Perry.  I watched a bit of the news and dozed off some more.  At about 6 I went upstairs to wake up the babe.  We then went out.  We stopped by Big 5 again, cruised around a thrift store, then we hit up Target where we both got a couple new clothing items.  We headed back to daddy's work and picked him up around 9:45 and then we headed home!  Ayla was put down to bed after snuggles and stories and then Joseph and I got to relax and get to sleep!

Today I woke up, got ready for work, got coffee... and here I am.  I will be off work at 12:45.  I will take Joseph to work by 1:30.  I have a meeting at 3.  Then Ayla and I will be lazy girls (aside from making dinner and cleaning out the car) at home until we pick Joseph up at 10.  :)