Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 13 - This Week

Day 13 - This Week

This week...?  This week is just like the last.  With a few small changes.
It started out on Sunday with sleeping in until 10(amazing!), getting up, getting myself and baby girl ready for the day.  Then the three of us went to Juice and Java for some coffee.  We also stopped by Big 5 to compare eliptical prices and then by Fresh Market so I could grab some bread.  Shortly after we got home Joseph had to take off to work where he would stay until 10pm.  Ayla watched Lilo and Stitch 3 times on Sunday!  Ok, not really.  The movie played 3 times, but she ran around the house with me while I sorted through our bedroom.  Top to bottom.  Rearranged.  Organized.  Did some new decorating.  Got rid of 3 big black garbage bags full of clothes.  Spring cleaning!  Yay!  By the time Ayla took a nap (on my bed, like a big girl.) it was just about time for me to settle down and watch the Oscars!  Which I did until Joseph came home.  And shortly after was bed time. 
Yesterday was Monday.  I got up, got ready for work, got coffee, and worked until 12:45ish.  I rushed home to grab Ayla and Joseph and get Joseph to work.  After we dropped Joseph off we ran to the bank.  Then we ran to Tmobile.  Then we went home so that Ayla could get a nap.  I watched Ellen.  Then I started watching Oprah.  I fell asleep somewhere around Colin Firth and woke up somwhere around Katy Perry.  I watched a bit of the news and dozed off some more.  At about 6 I went upstairs to wake up the babe.  We then went out.  We stopped by Big 5 again, cruised around a thrift store, then we hit up Target where we both got a couple new clothing items.  We headed back to daddy's work and picked him up around 9:45 and then we headed home!  Ayla was put down to bed after snuggles and stories and then Joseph and I got to relax and get to sleep!

Today I woke up, got ready for work, got coffee... and here I am.  I will be off work at 12:45.  I will take Joseph to work by 1:30.  I have a meeting at 3.  Then Ayla and I will be lazy girls (aside from making dinner and cleaning out the car) at home until we pick Joseph up at 10.  :)

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