Monday, March 7, 2011

Ayla Marie at 16 months old.

Her first time using Photo Booth on my MacBook 3/5/2011
Yesterday Ayla officially turned 16 months old.  16 months!  Where does time go? 

Ayla at 16 months old:

  • She walks/runs all over the place.  She's CONSTANTLY in motion.
  • She is LOUD.  Always babbling and singing and shrieking.
  • She is her happiest when mommy and daddy are with her at the same time, which doesn't happen very often due to our schedules.
  • She is extremely independent.  She wants to do things on her own, doesn't like to be helped, and even likes to be in her room all by herself.  She even pushed me out of her room and tried to shut the door behind me the other day.  (Sneak peek of 16 year old Ayla?!)
  • She is obsessed with Malky.  Obsessed.  I can't tell you how often I find her trying to pick poor Malky up.  She wants Malky on her lap and she wants Malky to be face to face with her so she can poke at her nose.  She loves to rest her head on Malky and giggle.  Luckily, Malky is the most patient kitty in the world and allows Ayla to do all of this, purring the whole time.
  • Ayla loves books.  She loves to read them herself and have them read to her.
  • Ayla's favorite song is the "A-B-C song".  As soon as I start to sing it she starts to laugh.  When I finish she starts up again with "Ah Ah Ah" in the right tune, hoping that I'll sing it again, which I do!
  • Her favorite place to be is her bed.  I'm not even kidding, she wants to be in her bed all the time.  She likes to bring her toys and her books and sit in her bed.
  • Her favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch.  It's official, she's over Sesame Street at the moment. (Hallelujah!) When I try to put anything else on she gets upset, goes and gets Lilo and Stitch, and brings it to me saying, "Stittsss!"
  • She doesn't get mad when I put shoes on her anymore.  In fact, when she sees them she sticks her foot up in the air, making it easy!
  • Ayla loves her daddy.  When he is at work she will walk to the front door and say, "daddy daddy daddy!" and pound on the door, hoping he'll come back the way he left!
  • Ayla has been sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG.  And until after 11 most mornings!  The trick to getting her to stop waking up 5+ times a night was to keep her up until 11 PM or later.  To me this seems like bad parenting, but honestly, it's the only way any of us get good sleep in our house.  And she seems to be 10x happier, so I'm thinking it's ok.
  • Like 99% of girls, Ayla loves to stare at herself in the mirror, smiling sweetly at her own pretty reflection.
  • I'm afraid she's going to be a nerd.  The other day at the mall she practically pulled my arm off trying to get into Game Stop but then had no interest when taken into the Disney Store.  Until she saw some very boyish action figures, then she was thrilled.  She also goes nuts, laughing her deep belly laugh, at the destructive parts on Lilo and Stitch.  Guns and explosions and all.  EW.  I hope this is just a phase.
  • Ayla is walking chaos.  She destroys everything in her path.  (Too much Stitch?)  I feel like I'm constantly behind her picking up messes and putting things back in order.
  • She gives the sweetest kisses.  Often times with her mouth wide open, tongue slightly sticking out.  YUCK.  But totally worth the grossness.  Last night I said, "Ayla can I have a kiss?" as she was trotting out of my room.  She got out the door but promptly turned around and ran straight at me with her mouth open, leaning in for a big ol' kiss.  I love her!
  • She claps and says "yayyyy!" when she is happy.
  • Ayla loves bananas, cheese, and chocolate milk.
  • Ayla does NOT love hamburger.  At all.  But she does love chicken nuggets.  The opposite of her mama.
There is so much more that I could say about Tiny.  I could talk about her all day because she is perfect.  :)  I love my girl to the moon and back!

Ayla and mama, best friends!

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