Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 15 - Your First Kiss

Day 15 - Your First Kiss

I am extremely bored with this "every day blogging" assignment.  What brought this boredom on?  The fact that I don't really remember my first kiss.  Weird, right?  Who doesn't remember their first kiss?  Apparently this girl.  I sat here yesterday trying to remember.  Trying to think of what to type.  I ended up closing my "new post" page, still empty.  I remember first kisses with boys like James, Bryan, Steven...etc.  But my very very first kiss?  I'm pretty sure it was in middle school.  I'm pretty sure it was at Nicole Long's big birthday party in 8th grade during a game of truth or dare.  The boy?  I just can't remember.

SO.  The fact that I can't remember and the fact that tomorrow's subject "your dreams" is so daunting and requires a lot of thought just makes me feel lazy and apathetic towards these questions.

I am officially taking a break from these questions.  It will probably only last a couple of days, but I'm on strike!  I have some other things I want to blog about, so I will carry on with those!

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