Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I, like I sometimes do, have been lacking in blog creativity.

So I will share some random thoughts and maybe a random picture or two.

1.  Snow.  With this being my 4th year in Utah I should be used to snow in March/April/June.  But I'm not.  I'm not happy with it.  I am cold and fed up with it.  I am sick of coats and sweatshirts and boots.  It's time to move on to t-shirts and open-toed shoes.

2.  Let me start by saying I AM NOT JUDGMENTAL.  To each their own.  Really.  I just wonder why it is that LDS girls, ones that make it very clear what they believe and that they are firm in their beliefs, find it ok to wear the very smallest of bikinis.  This is not me throwing any stones, believe you me, I am in no place to be throwing stones.  I just wonder.  Why is it that on Sunday skirts are down past the knee, necklines are up to the chin, sleeves to the wrist, scriptures open in laps... but any other day of the week there are boobs and butts and shoulders galore.  Is there some sort of unspoken rule that makes it ok to not follow this guidance from The Church?  Just wondering.

3.  At work you can earn a pair of shoes of your choice up to $100 if you can get 3 accounts installed the very same day that they are sold.  The sales rep gets a pair of shoes and the scheduler who can get those three scheduled also gets a pair of shoes.  This is going on until the 31st.  I FINALLY (after days of missing it by 1!) earned a pair of shoes.  Or any number of pairs equalling $100.  I am leaning towards some cute Sperry's or some open-toed flowery numbers.  I just can't decide.

4.  I am going to do a product review in my next update.

That's all.

Ayla couldn't let the tongue thing go...

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