Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

I don't know about you guys, but if I wash my hair every day it turns to straw.  I mean dry as the desert, splitting, breaking, damaged straw.  It's not ideal.  So I don't shampoo every day.  I do the pony-tail-on-top-of-my-head-bangs-pinned-back shower thing.  (I really should invest in a shower cap, I always enjoy them in hotels.)

But I do come across one problem only washing my hair ever other day or so.  The roots tend to get a little shiny while the rest of my hair stays great.  This is not ok.  And I do not have the patience to just wash my roots and let's face it, if I wash my roots some shampoo is going to reach the ends of my hair and I'm going to be facing some nasty split-ends.

An easy solution?  Dry Shampoo!  I first learned about dry shampoo wayyyy back in beauty school.  My instructor gave us a quick run down on it, posing uses like "hospital invalids" and "old women who only washed once a week".  Uh, hello?  What about the everyday girl who wants to save the integrity of her over-colored, over-teased, over-heat styled hair?

There are plenty of dry shampoos out there.  And there are plenty of at-home remedies that are much cheaper than a store bought product.  If you don't have access to professional products like a cosmetologist does, there are some affordable every store varieties.  One of the newest and most advertised of these is TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.  I was stoked to try this one as soon as I saw the commercial.  I mean really, I would love to just spritz this life-saving product onto my day old hair to keep away any unhealthy looking shine from my roots!  One trip to Target and $5 later I was holding this product, upset that I had freshly washed hair.  So I waited until the next day when my hair was awesome in every aspect but a bit-o'-shine at the top.

1.  The smell is fantastic.
2.  The spray is even.

I have nothing else good to say.  I sprayed fairly lightly as to avoid a problem.  Didn't matter.  In a matter of minutes my hair felt yucky.  It felt like the day after too much hairspray/mousse/gel.  I didn't notice any decrease in shine, in fact, it seemed to have amped up the shine, which would be great if I were looking for the greasy grunge look, which I am not.

I gave it a fair 3 or 4 times of trying and every time I was embarrassed because I feel like my hair looked worse than it would of had I just left it alone.

I'll be sticking to my home remedy for the shine: Cornstarch.  Yup.  $.85 for a box that lasts MONTHS.  You just pinch a bit on your fingers, rub it into any problem areas and voila!  All oils have been soaked up and your hair looks FANTASTIC.  Seriously.  It's a life saver.  Especially for new moms who fall behind in shampooing...  Trust me on this.  But please please please use sparingly!  You don't want your hair to look like it has powder in it and too much cornstarch can definitely be seen in darker hair if you aren't careful!

Moral of the story:  save your money and stick to the simpler, though odd sounding, cornstarch!

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