Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A whole lot of nothings.

Since my camera flew into the abyss at Lagoon I have been seriously slacking in the photo department.  Mainly because my iPhone 3GS takes the worst pictures in the history of cell phone cameras.  I mean seriously, my old nokia took better pictures.  I will share the few pictures that I do have though.  (Ignore the terrible quality!)

My loves watching Monday Night Football

Eating a cookie and drinking some chocolate milk at Subway

One Saturday night we (Kyle, his friends, and I) were children and we TP'd someone's house.  YUP.

A little girl at church drew this picture of Ayla.  Ayla held it like  it was the most amazing thing she'd ever seen.  She stared at it for a good half an hour straight.  And I'm not kidding.  "pwetty picture AYA!"

Ayla fell asleep on Kyle after a long night of running around with other babies and carving pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins!  Stephen, Adam, Amanda, Madison, Ayla, Kyle and I!  We're missing Jenaca and Savannah who are taking this picture!

PUMPKINS!  Ours is the one on the right! (A bat inside of the moon...)

This is Ayla admiring her "pwetty hair" in the mirror before church.

Ayla is a total tomboy and she has recently been obsessed with being naked and with this UW hat.  She thinks she is prettiest when she is wearing this hat.  Always backwards :)

That's my phone dump for now... Minus the two pictures that Jenaca took which were stolen from her FB page :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo Session!

My great friend Lauren is a photographer.  She offered to take photos of Ayla and I, which were WAY overdue!  I was so excited to get pictures of my (almost!) 2 year old baby girl.

Lauren was so great with Ayla and she takes the most BEAUTIFUL pictures!  Here are just a few!  You can see the rest at her Photography Blog, Bella Classico.  Check her out!  Book your photo shoot TODAY!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was jam-packed with so much fun!

Friday night Kyle and I had been planning on going bowling with Corinne and Brady.  We had been planning this for a couple of weeks and I was so excited!  Turns out, Friday there was an AWESOME deal for Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point.  Our tickets were $4 each rather than the regular $12!

Turns out, changing plans was the best thing EVER!

We met at the Sunflower Market where we were going to have some good ol' sloppy joes.  That didn't happen because the market decided to no longer do dinner.  So we went to Dickey's BBQ.  So fine with me, I absolutely love that place.  And I learned that they have a student discount!  Big BBQ sandwich, one side, and a drink for $4.99!  Amazing!

After dinner we headed over to Thanksgiving Point.  We were blown away by all the fun things there were to do!  It wasn't JUST a maze, there were so many great activities!  My favorite part was the room full of corn.  It was like a giant sandbox with corn kernels instead of sand.  See photos below!  :)
Kyle bought a mask before the date and wore it the whole drive to the market...

Corinne won the race!
My love and I :)
So. Much. Corn.

We had the best time with Corinne and Brady, they are just about the nicest people you will ever meet!

Saturday Kyle and I went to Lagoon.  It was fantastic.  I haven't been for years, but oh man, I have no idea why I don't go every year!  We went on all the rides, saw the show, played some games (Ky won me a pink elephant!), and had good food and yummy ice cream!

The best part was spending time with Kyle :)

Sadly, I don't have a single picture because I lost my camera on the Wicked roller coaster.  Yup.  No more camera.  I also lost my cell phone that day but luckily it was recovered and not damaged at all!

Sunday was spent laying in bed watching conference and then joining Kyle's family for a yummy taco dinner!

I just love Kyle and can't even explain how much fun I have with him.  He makes me one happy girl!

Wednesday Football!

Here are a some pictures from Wednesday night football.  These are mainly all Ayla.  This was her second time going to a Wednesday night football game.  I tried to take her a month ago and this is what happened:

Ayla was running around back and forth with me chasing her all over the place.  Suddenly, she noticed Kyle was out on the field.  She yelled: "TILES!" (That's how she says his name) and took off running into the game!  I had to run out after her so she didn't get trampled and take her off the field.  She screamed and cried because she wanted "my tiles!"  So, we had to leave because she would not stop trying to run onto the field to get to her Kyle.

This time, she did great.  I actually got to watch the game, she got to play with some little girls, and I only had to run out into the game and grab her one time!

Boyfriend is #85 :)
Ayla watching her Tiles play football.
Looking like such a big girl playing on the brick wall like the big kids!