Monday, October 3, 2011

Wednesday Football!

Here are a some pictures from Wednesday night football.  These are mainly all Ayla.  This was her second time going to a Wednesday night football game.  I tried to take her a month ago and this is what happened:

Ayla was running around back and forth with me chasing her all over the place.  Suddenly, she noticed Kyle was out on the field.  She yelled: "TILES!" (That's how she says his name) and took off running into the game!  I had to run out after her so she didn't get trampled and take her off the field.  She screamed and cried because she wanted "my tiles!"  So, we had to leave because she would not stop trying to run onto the field to get to her Kyle.

This time, she did great.  I actually got to watch the game, she got to play with some little girls, and I only had to run out into the game and grab her one time!

Boyfriend is #85 :)
Ayla watching her Tiles play football.
Looking like such a big girl playing on the brick wall like the big kids!

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