Monday, February 28, 2011

This one is for Tony...

My manager Tony is relatively new to the blogging world (even though his brother has a blog...).  SO, when I was given a couple of In-N-Out gift cards from him he told me to take my baby, get her an animal style cheeseburger and put pictures of it on my blog.  Well... this is what I got.

We made a trip to our local (even though we live in UTAH) In-N-Out.  Got a couple of burgers.  Some fries. 

I must say, In-N-Out is not my favorite.  I would generally pick McDonald's over this place, BUT the burgers aren't bad and any chance to skip out on french fries (cause theirs are like cardboard) is actually a blessing.  Just ask my thighs.

ANYWAY, we sat down with our food and I had every intention of documenting the whole thing.  Unfortunately once a child starts in on a messy burger, you have to be on them like white on rice.  Keeping clothes relatively clean, keeping food off of the floor, keeping her hands inside OUR booth and out of the woman's hair sitting behind her... oy.  I forgot to take any more pictures.  Boo.  Sorry, Tony, but thank you for the yummy meal!

Ayla analyzing her first piece of a delicious In-N-Out burger...
 Oh P.S.  Start your own blog!  I, for one, would read it.  Even if it was only angry rantings!

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