Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello, old friend.

It has been far too long since I have truly updated my blog. HERE WE GO!

Life has been c-razy lately. Joseph started a new job a month ago. We were really excited because it is great pay and a seemingly great schedule. The only problem was that it conflicted with my schedule at Stevens-Henager where I was the evening receptionist. Long story short, he was offered the job, accepted the job, and I resigned from SH within a matter of days! It was a super quick rush of events. Not being able to work at SH was a little rough, but luckily my good ol' boss from Pinnacle Security hooked me up with a morning position working with Inside Sales. If you remember, I worked at Pinnacle for 2 1/2 years before reluctantly leaving due to wanting to be a full-time mommy. When I decided I wanted to again enter the working world they didn't have anything that worked around Joseph's schedule, which is why I went to SH. I am so beyond happy to be back at Pinnacle. I truly feel like these people are my family. I can't even explain how much happier I am working at a place where I actually feel like I belong! I work 7am - 1pm Monday through Saturday. Getting up early has been quite an adjustment. (UGH.)

Joseph's training for his new job is 6 weeks. His schedule for those 6 weeks is 3pm - midnight. MIDNIGHT! What in the world?! So lately I come home from work around 1:15-1:30ish. We have some lunch with our girl, catch up a bit, and Joseph takes off for work just before 3. And then I don't see him until the following day until around 1:15. We're both doing the single parent thing. Joseph in the morning, myself in the afternoon/evening. It's rough, but it sure is nice to spend so much time with her. I cannot express in words how much fun she is lately. I love coming home from work, sneaking up to wherever she is, having her finally see me and go, "EEEE!!!" She either runs directly to me with her arms up high in the air or runs the opposite way giggling, trying to start a chasing game. I must say something along the lines of "She's soooo CUTE! We have the cutest baby in the world! Isn't she CUTE? SHE'S THE CUTEST!!" at least 10 times a day. Really. Maybe even more. But doesn't every parent? But seriously, she's the cutest.

Ayla has finally decided that she loves to walk and that she no longer needs to crawl. Oh this has been fun! Not only walking, but she loves to RUN! I love her little walk. She stands up so straight and she holds her right hand to her chest with her left arm straight out to the side for balance. I can't help but laugh at her silly stance and the concentrated but proud look on her face. The smile on her face reminds me of one of those ever-smiling older women that say things along the lines of "bless her heart!" and who ask you "How ARE you?!" and genuinely care about the response. Just a happy, content smile.

Our girl talks when she wants to. No sentences or anything huge, but she still says the occasional "mama, dada, MALKY!, no, baby, Ayla, Elmo, 'bwanket', hiii!, etc." I imagine the full-on talking will happen much like the walking did. I'll wonder if she will EVER do it and then one morning she'll wake up talking! I must say I like when she calls me "mom". She's always saying "maaama", but every now and then she'll say, "MOM!", very serious and to the point. I say, "What?" just as serious and she says, "bre-wikiwikiwiki-bebe-brrrreeeebreee-dadadaaaaa." And she says this with a very straight, concerned expression on her face. I can't wait for her to be able to actually use her words and to know what is really going on in that little head of hers.

Last night our good friend Curtis stopped by and when he walked in she said, "Hiii!" Curtis said, "Did she just say hi to me?! I just saw her this week, when did she learn to talk?!" She surprises us all. :)

My mom got me a new camera for my birthday because mine broke just before Christmas. Now we are in the process of repairing the hard drive on our laptop so that I can actually upload the photos and videos! If it's not one thing it's another... So here are a few iPhone photos and one video!

Here Ayla is riding on a car with her best friends Elmo and Zoey.  She loved it until the thing started moving!

My cute girl sleeping peacefully in her car seat.  Her hair is getting out of control long again... Time for a second haircut?!

This picture is terribly grainy, but it was taken in the dark with only the light of the tv.  Late night snuggles with a baby girl who wasn't feeling well.

Bath time!  Ayla looooves her baths lately!

This may be bad parenting, but yesterday I needed a nap!  Sometimes Ayla decides not to sleep and she goes CRAZY (like I explain here.)  So I set up our laptop with Elmo playing to keep her company because I was about to lose my mind.  She loved her little set up and actually fell asleep within minutes and slept for over 3 hours! HALLALUJAH!  I needed that.

Here's a video of Ayla walking at her favorite play area!  She loves to go interact with the other kids.  She's totally obsessed with any other child and runs around aimlessly squealing and exploring.  SHE IS SO CUTE!

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  1. Sooooo cute! I love the picture of her in the crib watching Elmo. I think it's actually rather ingenious!