Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Joseph and I never made to to the parade OR the zoo last weekend!

I tried to get up early Friday morning for the parade, I really did, but I just couldn't get myself out of bed! I guess I will have to plan on going next year...

As for the zoo, we decided to postpone that trip until this upcoming weekend. This past weekend we decided to put all of our time and focus into decorating/organizing our house. It was a lot of fun! After numerous walmart trips and 2 Ikea trips our house feels a lot more like a home. We got a rug for the living room floor and a couple different plants and plant stands. I got a bunch of candles. We also bought a coffee table and an ottoman that opens up and can double as storage.

We also rearranged the babies room and set up our computer (FINALLY). We got internet installed! We lived there for over a month with no internet! That was difficult for us. :)

I was able to see my good friend Lauren a couple times this weekend as well. I watched her unpack boxes in her new apartment (which is 3 minutes from mine, conveniently.) I wasn't a whole lot of help, but I was company! We also got to see Christine, which was fun, I haven't seen her in so long! She's getting married on the 7th and Lauren, her husband Sean, and I are going to making the drive home to WA for the celebration!

Me and Lauren on her 21st birthday 8/6/2007

Me and Christine who knows when... 2004?

After all of that was done it was back to work... It's been a very busy work week which is ok with me because the week goes so much faster.

I finished up my registry at Babies-R-Us, that was so much fun! I keep going through and adjusting things online though, so I'm sure it will continue to change a lot.

Carissa and I went shopping for supplies for the baby shower invites yesterday! 3 hours of craft stores (with breaks for Italian sodas)! We settled on a bunch of really cute stuff. I'm excited to get them made! I also decided on the "thank you" gifts I'll hand out and they will be super cute as well!

All this baby stuff is great, I just want her to be here already! I don't want to be pregnant anymore! I want to have my shower NOW so I can know what I'll still need to buy myself and so that I can put her room together for real. I am so impatient, I'm going crazy!

Tonight is Christine's bridal shower.... I hope to have pictures from that tomorrow... :)

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