Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Shirley Family

It is not often that you meet a friend that you click with instantly.  A friend who you feel at ease with.  A friend that you can laugh with, be serious with, or even just lay around in pajamas all day doing nothing with.  Someone you can tell to shut up if they're being dumb or ask them for their opinion and genuinely care about what they have to offer.  And it's not often that you meet a friend that is there for you no matter what, at any time, completely opening their hearts and their homes to you asking for nothing in return.

Well some time during our pregnancies I met Kaitlin.

I had worked with her husband for quite some time at Pinnacle by the time we were introduced.  I was pregnant with Ayla and she was just barely pregnant with Nina.  We decided that we should hang out.  Well months passed... I had Ayla.  She had Nina.  We still had not really talked other than running into each other at stores/Pinnacle.  FINALLY, we exchanged numbers and decided to REALLY hang out.  We did.  And long story short, Kaitlin in awesome.  We had a lot of fun together and it was surprisingly easy for me to be around her and be comfortable.  I have a problem with being shy and not opening up to people, but this was not the case with Kaito.

Shortly after this fun time with Kaitlin our family moved to St. Louis.  Great, I finally met a friend and I had to leave.  Well thank goodness for facebook!  We were able to stay in touch via stupid conversations on picture comments, of all places.

When we came home from St. Louis we kind of found ourselves between a rock and a hard place.  We were staying with some generous friends but unfortunately we were about 25 mintues from Provo aka work and friends and life in Utah as we know it.  Insert Kaitlin, Geoffrey, and Nina here. 

Kaitlin opened her home up to me letting me come hang out EVERY DAY.  I would show up in the morning after dropping Joseph off at work and some days we'd be there until midnight or later.  Heck, we even slept in their second bedroom a couple of nights!  For a while Kaitlin and I ran all over town visiting malls, target, various food places, etc... but we soon found out that two babies out and around town all day isn't really a fun thing.  Pretty soon we were staying in our jammies lounging on the couch all day watching Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Bad Girl's Club, and lots of baby shows, of course.  :)  If Kaitlin was ever sick of me being in her house and in her space every day she never showed it and I am so grateful for her being so generous and so selfless.  It was so nice for Ayla and I to have a place to go where we could feel comfortable and relax a little while we didn't have a home of our own.

As luck and fate and all that good stuff would have it, we were able to rent a town home in the same complex as kaitlin and Geoffrey!  Just down the parking lot!  I had so much planned for our neighborly relationship!  Bbq's, dinner parties, babies playing in their first snow, etc... Sadly, pretty much the day that we moved in Kaitlin announced that they were moving to Texas.  And not in the future... but in two weeks!  WHAT?!  We finally have awesome friends that we click so well with!  Not only Kaitlin and me, but Joseph had a great time with Geoffrey.  It is so rare to find good couple friends!  And they have a baby!  Just a couple months younger than Ayla!  They're perfect and we're neighbors and we don't want them to leave!

But they left.  The Shirley's had to follow a great opportunity for their little family.  All the way to Texas.

I miss lounging around with my friend talking about anything and everything.  I miss sitting outside with her and the dogs.  I miss cute little Nina and her tiny little squeals and irressistable smile.  I miss coming home at night and meeting Geoff and Kait outside and chatting away...

Friends like them are so rare.  I really love the friendship that I have with Kaitlin and I hope that we will be able to keep it going even if we're not in the same state.  Thank goodness for facebook and cell phones and video chat (Kaitlin download Skype ASAP!) to help us stay in touch.  We love you Shirley family!


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  1. WOW. I don't even know what to say. I miss you guys so much! Especially you Tonja...and even more so after reading this. I mean this literally brought tears to my eyes.
    I always talk to Geoff about how crappy it is not having our friends so close anymore but I know it was the best decision for us.
    I've never had a friend like you and I doubt I will EVER find one again. Your my closest. Actually, I think your my best friend. Your always so honest about anything and everything. And grateful for EVERYTHING no matter how big or small.
    Oh, and Nina absolutely LOVES you. I look up to both you and guys are the parents I aspire Geoff and I to be. Both always so cooperative with each other and so caring for one another. I honor parents like you. You guys deserve nothing but the best.
    Anyways, thank you for taking the time to mention me, us, in this awesome freakin blog. (I still wanna make one) I really appreciate this and take everything you say to heart.
    We love you AUNTIE Tonja, UNCLE Jofluff (spelling?), and of course BIG SISTER Ayla!!!

    P.S. I CANNOT wait till Vegas...and I'll have Geoff download skype for me.