Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ayla Marie.

It's been so long since I have updated about my little girl.  She's not so little anymore!  Here's an update!

  • She turned 2 November 6th
  • As of last Friday she weighs 27 lbs exactly
  • She is average height (I don't remember the exact measurement)
  • She talks like crazy.  Her vocabulary is seriously awesome.  She uses big words and it cracks me up!
  • The girl loves to sing.  She is constantly singing something.  Either a preschool song, a Sesame Street song, a nursery song, a disney song, or something she hears on the radio.
  • She started Junior Preschool at The Montessori Learning Center and she is LOVING it.  I see a huge improvement in her mood and her vocabulary and her sleeping habits!  Yay for routine and stimulating environments!
  • She loves mommy right now and it is the sweetest thing.  Every time she sees me, even if I've been out of the room for less than a minute (literally) she says, "IT'S MOMMMMMMYYYY!"
  • She LOVES Kyle.  She talks about him constantly.  As soon as I pick her up she says, "Wanna go see Kyky?"  When he walks in the room she yells, "KYKY!" and runs straight to him for a hug.
  • She loves all things Princess.  She REALLY loves dinosaurs (dinosaursous, as she calls them), and she loves monsters, cars, and as always... my girl loves Elmo.
  • She is a little dancer.  Her current favorite move is "bannerina".  She runs to the nearest stable object, leans on it, and kicks her leg straight out behind her in a ballerina pose.  Love it.
  • My girl LOVES animals.  Loves them,  Just like her mama.
  • If she asks me if I want something I know it means she wants it.  For example:  "You want some candy?"  That means she wants candy.  "You wanna hold you?"  That means she wants me to hold her.  "You want come on snuggles?"  That means she wants to snuggle.  I will often here, "You want some chocolate milk?  Otay, I have some chocolate milk."  That's her asking and confirming that she does, in fact, want chocolate milk.
  • She loves our pet Bearded Dragon.  She calls it Yizard.  Every morning she says, "Good morning, Yizard.  Oh, he's huuuungry.  He needs some crickens."  So we feed him crickets!
  • When she is excited about something, like going to the pet store, she says:  "OH MY GOSH!  THAT'S AWESOME!"  And I crack up every time.
  • She likes to mess with us... She has three pictures on her wall.  A giraffe, a lion, and a monkey.  Kyle asks her which each animal is.  She answers correctly on the giraffe and monkey, but on the lion she will say, "Dats a tiger."  Kyle will say, "No, that's a lion."  She giggles and says, "No.  Tiger."  After a couple times you can say, "Ok, it's a tiger."  And she says, "No, it's a yion!"  She thinks she's sooo funny.
There are so many other silly things that she says, I could write about them all day.  She's hilarious!  And such a little smarty pants!  I love her like crazy and I am loving her turning into a little kid rather than my little baby.  (Although I do miss my tiny little baby!)

I'm such a lucky mommy!

Ayla at Temple Square, Christmastime 2011
Ayla and Kyle at Temple Square, Christmastime 2011
Ayla and Kyle at the zoo.  December 2011.

Ayla and Kyle at the zoo, December 2011.  My favorite picture!  They love each other!
Ayla and I at the zoo, December 2011.  Looking at a kitty!
Kyle, Ayla, and I at the zoo, December 2011
Cute girl riding the carousel at the zoo, December 2011.
Ayla's first day of preschool, January 3rd, 2011.
My little princess in her new princess bed!  January 2011
Our bearded dragon... yet to be named!  (We don't know if he's male or female yet!)

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  1. I love that you are blogging about all of this. You think that you'll never forget the little details, but you do. I feel like the luckiest grandma alive to be able to have such a smart, bright, cheerful granddaughter. I only wish that I could live closer. Thanks for sharing this with me. I love the blog. I love both of you!