Monday, August 3, 2009

Hogle Zoo! 8/1/2009


Hawk flying over the crowd... You have to look kinda hard to see him.

The hawk perched right behind us.

Mama and baby Snow Leopard sleeping!

The whole reason to go to the zoo... The new baby Snow Leopard! Sleeping with his mama.

Mama Snow Leopard and baby, Himal. She woke up and opened her eyes for the picture!

The Tiger, hiding in the shade.



Sleepy bear.....

So tired! (The heat made me tired, too)

This guy was panting like a puppy dog!

Joseph and the penguins :)

Hanging out in the sun.

Here he comes!

Waddling closer...

So close! I love him!

Cute little guy.



Elephant's backside...

Prego Elephant.

She's like me... 24 years old and very pregnant!

Cute guy in the Madagascar exhibit.

Spider Monkey!

Columbo (or something) Monkeys

Cute little monkey! This guy was like the size of my hand! So small!

Tiny Monkeys!


He was pacing back and forth....

The Orangutang, Eli.


Turkeys! Gobble gobble!

The Taxidermy waiting outside the zoo... so wrong.

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