Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm just about through my 28th week of pregnancy! That means that I have about 11 weeks left! When I say it outloud it seems like that is so soon, but it feels like it will take forever! I just want her now! I'm sick of waiting and I'm sick of being tired and uncomfortable all the time!

This past weekend I was able to drive home to Washington with Lauren and her husband Sean for Christine's wedding. It was really fun to see old friends (that are now married with children!) and of course my family.

I stayed with my mom and we did a lot of shopping around. We also got to have pedicures, which was so nice! It's been a while since I had one of those. It seems like we were running around the whole weekend, but it was nice to be away from Utah for a while and to spend time with my mom.

Christine's wedding was beautiful, of course. Christine looked GORGEOUS! I got to see all the photos Lauren took yestreday and they turned out great! I wasn't able to take any pictures the whole weekend because my stupid camera is at the end of it's life. No matter how long I charge it it tells me that the battery is too low to take pictures. :( We really need to get a new one before Ayla gets here!

Yesterday I had to take my Glucose test. I had to drink a disgusting orange drink in 10 minutes and then keep it down for a whole hour so that they could test the sugar level in my blood. The level was high so now I get to go back and take the test all over again. This time it will be a 3 hour test where they poke my finger 4 times instead of a 1 hour test where they poke my finger once. UGH. I don't know how I will be able to fast for 8 hours and then sit in the doctor's office and hold that drink down for another 3 hours without eating, I really don't. Maybe they'll have a room that I can just sleep in. :)

Joseph and I have decided that we are going to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home everday for the next week. We eat out WAY too much. We're sick of spending the money and we need to be healthy! I have meals all planned out and a shopping list all ready to get everything we need to last us. We'll see how we do! We're going to try REALLY hard to not break and go out for any meals. This will be quite the challenge...

Here's a picture of my at 28 weeks, I was in the dressing room at Macy's trying to find maternity clothes that don't look like a tent. It's harder than you'd think.

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  1. It was a WONDERFUL long weekend! Just enough time I think. Thank you so much for going with me! I missed all my TOnja time and I finally GOT SOME!! LOVE YOU LITTLE MOMMY!