Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Seriously... why am I still pregnant? Enough is enough! According to my count-down I have 20 days to go. Are you kidding me?! I can hardly even move!

My doctor's visit went routinely on Thursday and she let me know that I'm 2 CM dilated and 50% effaced. (TMI?) That was all very exciting until I found out that you can stay that way for like a month. Not cool. I have been starting to have pretty painful contractions, but nothing regular yet. Just enough for me to get uncomfortable and angry and then... nothing. I'm fine and fat again.

I've been trying to go on walks to get contractions going. It works. But as soon as I stop walking the contractions stop as well. Bleh.

I'm having a harder time sleeping at night because if I lay flat on my back I get heartburn (I'm not supposed to lay flat on my back anyway), and when I lay on my sides my hips go numb so I'm constantly having to flip over to my other side. When I have a 15 lbs basketball-sized belly, this is not easy. I feel like I am spending more time trying to find a comfortable position at night than actually sleeping! I may resort to sleeping in a sitting position on the couch, it's the best sleep I seem to get right now!

Today I skipped work, which I've been trying really hard not to do. When it came time to wake up I was so exhausted I just couldn't do it! I slept until 1 PM! It was wonderful. :) Joseph liked it because when he came home at 5 I was dressed and happy with a clean house and cookies baking in the oven. It will be really nice to get a break from work, I like the whole stay-at-home mom thing. (At least the though of it... I'm sure I'll have different things to say later!)

This past weekend Lauren did my maternity photos. Normally you wouldn't wait until you are 9 months pregnant to have this done but we are both busy girls and this is when we finally got around to it! I haven't seen them yet, she's still editing and working her magic on them, but I will post them as soon as they are done! I'm excited to see them! Thanks Lauren!

Joseph is just as anxious (if not more so) as me for Ayla to get here. He talks to her all the time telling her that he wants her to come out so he can see her. Apparently she's being a defiant child early on. Maybe if he tells her to stay put she'll do the opposite. :)

I feel about as prepared as we can be right now, her room is completely set up and ready for her. I have lots of clothes, TONS of diapers, I finally got my changing table!, her bag is packed for the hospital, my bag is packed for the hospital, the car seat is in the car... we are prepared and getting impatient!


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