Friday, November 6, 2009

4 days late....

Well November 2nd (Ayla's "target" due date) came and went...  Here I am, still pregnant.  HUGELY pregnant, and completely miserable!  I have a very stubborn little girl!  I'm convinced that she knows how cold it is and is trying to hibernate for the winter.

I had a check-up yesterday and unfortunately my doctor had no good news for me.  Not much progress when it comes to dilation and not really ready to induce either.  She said:  "We'll wait until next week and then we'll discuss scheduling an induction..."  I said:  "OH NO, let's schedule that induction now!"  So she went ahead and put me on the schedule to be induced Monday, November 9th, at 6 AM.  I'm really hoping that things happen naturally before then, I've heard being induced is much more painful than naturally going into labor.

Things are definitely looking up!  It's 6:52 AM and I have been awake since about 3:30 AM timing my contractions.  They started out 8 minutes apart, quickly jumped to 6 minutes, stayed there for an hour or so, and I've now been at 4 minutes apart for just over an hour, lasting anywhere from 35-55 seconds each.  I'm about to make a call to Labor and Delivery and see if I can plllllllllllease come in now. I have been feverishly cleaning my house the past 3 hours and even though our car is all packed for a trip to the hospital I keep searching for things to bring with me.  So not necessary!

Wish me luck on my second trip to the hospital... hopefully this time I will come home with little Ayla Marie!

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