Thursday, May 6, 2010

6 Months!

Today my tiny baby girl is 6 months old.

I cannot believe that it's already been 6 months since we were in the hospital waiting for our girl to arrive!  She has changed our lives an incredible amount.  All for the better!

Ayla is the baby I always dreamed about.  She is the shining jewel in my crown!

Every day she gets a little bigger, a little sillier, and oh so much smarter!  She amazes me with her expressions and her giggles.  She knows how to push all my buttons already just by changing the tone of her crying.  :)

At 6 months old this is what our Tiny loves:

-Squealing a really long, drawn-out, high pitched squeal just because she can.
-Baby Bop. As well as everyone else on Barney.
-Mean Girls!  She will not look away from this movie!  She stops playing and stares intently at the TV.  I fully believe that she understands every word that is being said.
-Squash.  Ayla loves squash and devours the entire can and then squeaaaaaaaallllllllllsssssssssss at me when I don't have any more for her.
-She enjoys music in the car.  She will cry and cry, thrashing around in her seat unless I turn the music up.  When I do she sits contently staring out the window and enjoying the music.
 -She loves to be sang to.  And she loves when there is dancing going along with the singing.  She especially loves, "Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind up in here up in here!" (Dr. Dre)  She laughs hysterically while I act like a gangster.
-She still likes to be swaddled when she sleeps but always wants her left arm out of the swaddle.  Every morning I wake up to a tightly wound baby with her left arm over her head.  ( i sleep with an arm over my head too, funny eh?)
-She LOVES when daddy gets home.  No matter how grumpy she has been with me, how tired she is, how sick she is, she always has a big smile for daddy.

I have been so blessed to spend the past 6 months with my beautiful and perfect little girl.  I can't wait for all the fun that the future holds for our little family!
Waking up happy!
Eating her blanket :)
So happy!
Loving Baby Bop!
She looks so pretty :)
Sitting up like a big girl!
I love my big tiny girl!

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  1. She is such a doll!!! Enjoy this stage it is so fun!! But they keep getting better!!! :)