Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's See How Far We've Come...

We have been in St. Louis, MO for 2 months and 12 days.  I cannot believe how much Ayla has grown and all the big girl things that she has learned!

Since moving here these are the milestones that Ayla has reached (and with flying colors!).

-Outgrowing her 0-3 month old clothes.
Her first big girl clothes. (6 month size)

-Learned how to sit up on her own,  no help from her momma!
Sitting up during our slumber party in the living room while daddy was away.

-She has become my little ducky, loving up the water!
Floating in the swimming pool!

-She learned to scoot around on her tummy using her arms to drag her (slowly) where she wanted to go.
Scoot scoot!

-She learned to love playing independently!
Playing in her exerscauser with her favorite block.

-Ayla had her toenails painted for the first time!
Light pink toenails!

-She started saying "DA-DA-DA-DA!"  Because she loves her daddy!  (And it's easy to say!)

-She got two bottom teeth!

-She learned to CRAWL!  No more scooting!  She crawls like a crazy girl, so quick!

 -She can pull herself up on EVERYTHING!

-She has enough hair to have a pony tail!
Tiny, but still a pony tail!

-And she has learned to feed herself baby cheetos!  (Gerber Graduates Lil' Crunchies)
She doesn't want me to put it in her mouth any more, she takes it and does it herself!

My baby girl has grown so much!  She is getting to be such a handful and so much fun.  I love every little thing about her.  Helping her discover and learn new things is amazing.  My perfect tiny girl.  :)


  1. Cute, cute, Tonja!!! It's fun to see how much she's learned over the past few months. I can't believe she's so big!