Monday, August 23, 2010


Ayla and I recently had the opportunity to go to Washington state to visit family for 2 whole weeks!  This was definitely a long, much needed vacation!  It was the longest Ayla had been away from Joseph and I know if was rough for her to be away from daddy for so long!  It seemed like as soon as we got home from St. Louis we were off to Washington!  Getting a break from the heat in St. Louis and Utah was wonderful for Ayla and for myself!  We actually needed to wear jackets at times and I loved it!  I miss the Pacific Northwest a lot.  If I could move there tomorrow I would!

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Ayla and I on the airplane.

Ayla in front of grandma's house.

Ayla and Grandpa John.

Ayla enjoying the greenery!

Eating lunch at Grandma's!

.Petting some donkeys.

Watching Sesame Street with Grandma.

Ayla hanging out with Emory.

Eating ice cream with grandma.

The last fun thing we did was visit Pike Place Market in Seattle!

We also had some studio pictures taken of Ayla.  She didn't really like to cooperate, but we still got some good ones!

Ayla, my mom, and I made the 15 hour drive from WA to UT and Ayla did so well!  We drove over night which really helped a lot.  :)  Every time I make that drive I think to myself, I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!  Flying is so much easier.

We're now back to our regular routine.  We're living in Eagle Mountain and Joseph is working away.  I'm in the process of applying for some jobs.  As much as I love being with Ayla I miss the social interaction and the second income.  I'm hoping to find an evening job so that Joseph and I can trade off with Ayla and we won't need to put her in daycare.  Wish me luck!

Here are some pictures of a recent day spent with our friends Kaitlin and Nina!

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  1. I never really thought about your dad being a GRANDPA until I saw that picture of them together. Man...he's old!! jk
    Cute pictures...she's getting so big. Did you know Brett lives in Eagle Mountain, too?