Friday, September 24, 2010

My Sensitive Big Girl

Ayla is growing so quickly.  Aside from getting bigger physically, her personality is growing like a weed!  I love getting to know her funny little quirks and her silly facial expressions.  She really shows everything on her face.  (Just like her mommy.)

She's become so independent (at times) and as much as I like the breathing room, it makes me sad that my little Tiny seems to need me less.  Of course if she is sleepy or teething or doesn't feel good, she is as clingy as they come, but when she's in a good mood, don't even bother the girl!

Here are some things that she does like a big girl:

-Play with her foam puzzles
-Look at her books
-Watch Elmo (Her current FAV)
-Climb up and down the stairs
-Eat food, she wants to do it herself!
-Ride in the front of the cart, swinging her legs and yelling her head off
-Carry things in her mouth (while crawling) and deliver them to me
-Splash water on herself in the bath.  (I always have to do it again to get the soap off and that makes her MAD)
-She can undo her own diaper now, which is scary.  We have not had a disaster yet but I feel one looming...

It's hard to believe that in a little over one month she will be a year old!  It has gone so fast!  I already miss the days when she was a tiny, squishy thing that slept all the time.  The older she gets the more tired I feel and I will admit, some days my patience flies out the window, but I love every minute of being her mother.  I can't wait until she can walk with me and I can put little braids in her hair and we can have girly conversations.  I can't wait for silly things like taking her in for her first pedicure and first haircut at the salon and letting her shoe shop with me and pick out her very own shoes!  I'm excited for my little girly best friend!  With my luck she will be a total tom-boy and watch hockey with daddy and not want to be around me, but that would be ok too.  Watching this girl love on her daddy melts my heart to butter.

Some cute pictures of my big girl!

Ayla in her cute big girl shoes grocery shopping at Harmon's.

This is Ayla on her 10 month birthday eating yummy lunch at Iggy's!
(She loves to have her own plate with a little bit of ketchup and anything else we're willing to share with her)

Last week we decided it would be ok to give Ayla *half* of a chocolate chip cookie while we were driving.  When we got out of the car this is what we found.  She was perfectly happy with herself until we started laughing.  Our poor girl is so sensitive that it breaks her little heart when we laugh at her.  Without fail a breakdown occurrs when we laugh at silly little Ayla.  The cuddles that happen after these breakdowns are the best :)

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