Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh blog.

I have been neglecting you.

So much has happened.  So many changes.  Unfortunately, I am not ready or willing to share just yet.  When I am ready, you dear blog, will know.

For now I will just post this video because I can't stop watching it.  It absolutely melts my heart.  Seriously.  When they get to the chorus and the girl gets really into it and is smiling at her daddy I cry.  Every.  Time.  And how cute is it when she yawns at the end?  Oh I can't wait until Ayla is a big girl.  :)  (I can, I am enjoying my Tiny baby more than I could ever say!)

And here are some recent pictures of the love of my life:

And one more song for you... Enjoy.  :)

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