Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding Organizer.

After the excitement of being engaged wore off a little bit (JK IT'S NOT WORN OFF AT ALL!)  I decided that I wanted a wedding organizer.  You know, one of those neat planners that you can buy at the bookstore that is full of ideas and checklists to keep you on track with planning your wedding.  So my dear friend Carissa and I headed to Barnes and Noble.  We gathered all of the best options and sat in the children's section to go over them while Ayla ran around like a kid in a candy {book} store looking at all of the books.  We finally settled on one that was giant and blue and had lots of places to write things, great ideas, and so many lists to check off.  I couldn't wait to get home and start filling it out.  

But... the more I looked at it the more I couldn't bring myself to even write my name in it.  It didn't seem right.  I mean, LDS weddings are so different from the standard wedding that this organizer catered to.  I wouldn't even be using half of the stuff in this book!  So as excited as I was to have it, I decided to return it and see if I could find something better and more suited for me.  I couldn't.  As I stood there looking at all of these great organizers and keepsake journals I had an idea.  I COULD MAKE MY OWN!  So I headed over to the journal section.  There were so many beautiful journals. Simple ones, ornate leather ones, Harry Potter ones.... I seriously considered a Harry Potter one for a good minute or two!  Then I saw the Moleskines.  I have a thing for Moleskines.  Well, I have a thing for all journals.  The empty pages that are just begging to be filled up with words and doodles...  But Moleskins especially.  I love the compactness and the smell and just everything.  And the red one was practically jumping off the shelf at me.  I picked up  my journal and made the exchange.  Even though Molskines are pricey, it was still over $10 less than the wedding organizer!  Bonus!

I will fill this little red journal with all of my thoughts, ideas, decisions, lists, and just everything having to do with planning and executing our wedding!  Here is a quick peek at some of what I have so far...

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