Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Part Two

That little Elf is still causing mischief in our home nightly.  Ayla is loving it and I am too!  Last post I left off with Ella being trapped in Luna, our Bearded Dragon's, tank.  (Read that post here!)  This was Ayla's reaction:

Ayla was upset that her little elf friend was stuck in Luna's cage.  I mean she was SAD.  I had to talk her out of tears, convincing her that Luna is REALLY NICE and Ella was not scared or hurt.  I reminded her that we hold Luna and we love Luna so we know that Ella is okay!  Once we had that convo she thought it was fun.  :)
The next night silly Ella made such a mess in our living room.
This picture is one of my favorites.  Ayla came into the living room saying, "LOOK AT THIS MESS!"  She is a little on the OCD side and does NOT like messes like this.  She asked if she could clean it up and laid in my lap crying when I told her that Ella had to clean it since she was the one who made the mess.
Then Ella got really creative.  She decided to use Ayla's blow-up basketball as a hot air balloon and Ayla's Ariel panties as her basket.  Crazy elf!
"Mommy I get out of my bed and the I see'd her and she was in the sky up there allllll the way up to the wall!"
The next silly thing that Ella decided to do at our house was to have a movie night.  She grabbed the box set of Christmas Classics, popped herself some popcorn, and had a movie marathon!
Ayla's first response to this one?  "Mom, can I have some popcorn?"
Then Ella did something really crazy.  She put on a Seattle Seahawks hat and climbed up into daddy's Green Bay Packers cup on his Packers shelves.  Can you believe the nerve?!
Since mommy is a Seahawks fan and daddy is a Packers fan Ayla was just happy to see both teams together.  And she was excited to climb on a chair to get a closer look.  :)
And now we have come to last night.  LAST NIGHT that silly little elf stole a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and did some of her own decorating on our tree... Oy.  Naughty elf.  Ayla sure got a kick out of this one!
And I can't resist the sweet little yawn photos... I love my cute little girl!

Stay tuned for the rest of Ella's silly adventures in the Lee home!

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