Monday, February 22, 2010

Boy, have I been slacking!

I have been terrible at updating my blog!  I'm sure people aren't noticing/missing this, but I am angry at myself for not doing a better job of keeping this online journal.  (I know it's a blog, but since I do not write in a paper journal, sadly, this is my journal.)

Things of late that are noteworthy:

1.  Ayla ooo-ing and ahhh-ing and trying her hardest to sing along with any song she hears
2.  Ayla laughing at just about anything these days.
3.  Brandon being our full-time Manny, and excelling at this incredible task.  (Ayla LOVES her uncle)
4.  Malky having her babies- 5 of them!  (at least 3 are still up for grabs!)
5.  Joseph and I getting a new car!  (Used and still in WA, but coming soon!)  A 98 Subaru Forester.
6.  Joseph and I getting a gym membership that includes free childcare (YAY!!!)
7.  Me losing 15 lbs since January 8th but having a hard time lately keeping up with my diet/exercise :/
8.  Me getting a promotion and pay raise at work.  But as always, with more responsibility comes harder work...
9.  Ayla trying baby food and hating it the first time, but the second time she did just a little bit better.
10.  Being a healthy and happy family with not enough sleep but LOTS of love :)

Baby Ayla and Uncle Brandon

Malky and her babies


My baby in her warm gear!

Pretty girl HATING her food :)

I love my little grumpy gills!

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  1. I love your blog, it helps my baby hungryness :) I'm sure my husband is so thankful