Wednesday, January 27, 2010

She is my dolly!

Today Ayla spent time with her stuffed animals.

She loves Pooh Bear and wouldn't stop eating his ear.

She's my sweet baby doll :)

***Update on my Shape Ups***

They are working!  Or at least they seem to be.  After a few hours of wearing them my legs feel like they are on FIRE!  It's intense!  It makes walking around feel so much more productive!

I am happy to report that since January 8th I have lost 11.4 pounds!  It's a slow road, but if I keep working at it I will get there eventually!  I'm on pace to be at my goal weight (42 pounds lighter than I am now) on June 26th!  I can do it!

Oh and I traded my tan Shape Ups in for this pair:  (They just look better with my jeans and all my black workout clothes.)


  1. Hahaha. These are so cute. I have some similar photos of my little dog, Junior with a bunch of stuffed animals we one at the Summer Fest. Matt told me that you saw me at Target the other night. I thought I recognized you too, but I wasn't really sure ;)

  2. Such great pictures of her with the animals. I love it.
    Eleven pounds is a ton!! Way to go! I should get me some of those shoes. Maybe they would help my posture and back aches.