Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas pictures!

I am so behind in my updates, it's a little embarrassing!

We had our first Christmas with Ayla, which we celebrated as a little family on Chritsmas Eve because we flew home to Washington Christmas morning.  Ayla was only 6 weeks old, so she didn't enjoy it as much as she will next year, but it was still fun for mommy and daddy!

Here are pictures from her first time meeting Santa, her first Christmas, and her first plane ride!

Waiting to meet Santa & doing so well on his lap! 

Our little tree with presents!

Mommy and Ayla by the tree.

She was a very smiley girl, even at 6 weeks she likes to get presents!

Ayla with Grandma!

At first she was scared on the plane, but then she got over it and we had a happy, quiet flight.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures on Ayla's first trip home to Washington.  I was so busy the weekend, time just flew by!  Next trip I will document every moment, I'm sure.  This was a bit of a hard trip because Ayla didn't handle it very well.  We have a quiet little home with only us 3 and the kitty and being in a large house with lots of people and lots of strange noises, away from her routine, was very hard on her!  She cried a lot, which I'm sure was also hard on every one else in the house!  She was sure happy to get home to her little house and her kitty, but it was great to see family and old friends and make a new one!  (Brandon's cute girlfriend, Jenny.)  And we were so spoiled while we were there!  (Like we always are.)  We look forward to the next trip when she's a little older and will *hopefully* handle it better!

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  1. Looks like a fun first Christmas for her! That's a lot of presents for one little girl :)