Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shape Up!

Last night I broke down and bought Sketcher's Shape Ups.  They are the ugliest shoe in the world but they claim to do the following things:

  •  Promote weight loss
  • Tone muscles
  • Improve Posture
  • Reduce stress on knees and ankles.

Designed to improve your life by changing the way you walk, Shape-ups feature a unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking on soft sand. With the comfort of Shape-ups, you will feel your heel sink to the ground as you step, roll forward as your weight shifts to its center, and push off with your toes. This movement will result in stronger leg, buttock, back and abdominal muscles as you stabilize your steps. 

I thought about getting the all white pair, but decided to go with this one:  (to match my northface fleece in this color)
Hideous, I know.  I have read a lot of great reviews and I'm excited to give them a shot. 

You are supposed to wear them for at least half an hour a day.  (While walking of course.)  This should be easy because I generally try to walk at least an hour a day.  From everything that I've read- and what I have felt so far- wearing them for half an hour feels like an intense hour-long leg workout.

As of today I have 44 lbs to lose in order to reach my ideal weight.  I will post my progress on here in hopes of keeping myself motivated!  If these shoes give me an extra little boost that would be fantastic!  But I also need to cut out the sweets, ease up on the carbs, cut out the sugary coffees and sodas, and really really exercise!

I will let you know how they work out and what kind of progress I make!  (If they don't work out I will be utilizing Nordstrom's awesome return policy!)


  1. these aren't that bad lol, if they do work i am going to buy them too. I exercise but that would be so awesome to exercise and wear those for 30 minutes it would be like working out twice I post weekly how i did on my weight loss goal and so far i can tell that it has pushed me to exceed. I'm sure i would have given up already but it would be embaressing to write I gave up on my goal :) Good luck

  2. They're not really ugly... just funny-looking.