Friday, January 15, 2010

Like mother like daughter...

I am starting to realize that my baby DOES actually look like me!  She definitely looks like her daddy, but comparing some of my baby pictures with hers I am seeing the similarities!

What do you think?

Me at 2 months.  Ayla at 2 months.

Me as a happy baby.  Ayla as a happy baby.

My mom, me and our kitty 1985 and Ayla, I, and our kitty 2010.

Me on my dad's shoulders and Ayla sitting with me.

I think we have the same eyes, lips, and facial structure.  Her nose is all from her daddy!  :)


  1. Same happy smile, same prominent (in a good way!) head. You both are sweet.

    Your parents also look like babies in your photos. Will you look so young when Ayla's looking at her baby pictures?

  2. Yep...she has your smile for sure. It's so fun to compare baby pictures.