Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busy, busy, busy.

I feel like my life is non-stop right now.  I am just go, go, going!  Needless to say, my documentation is falling by the way side.

I swear I will write more someday about what is going on in our lives, but for right now I just want to document one thing that I never want to forget.

It was a weeknight, we were just spending time at my house.  I was cooking dinner and attempting to bake a cake.  (I say attempting because I only have a toaster oven.  It was a fail.)  I was listening to music.  Ayla and Kyle were rolling around the floor.  Tickling, laughing, playing.  Just having fun.

Kyle looked up and me and said, "Can we be married already so this can be my life everyday?"

My heart just about melted.  I love him.  And I love our girl.  I love us together.  I can't wait to be a family.  And although I know not every night will be exactly like that, it will be perfect just to be together.

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  1. Aren't these awesome memories you're making together? Way to go, Tonja! I'm so impressed with you and the life you've created.