Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Megan Czarnocki Photography

I'm not even going to talk about how behind I am with this blog.  Nope.

I'm am going to talk about Megan Czarnocki Photography!  Megan is a friend of Kyle.  She is a photographer, and such a good one!  We have had her take pictures of Ayla, our engagement pictures, our bridals/groomals, and she'll be photographing our wedding.  I have seriously been SO happy with everything that she has done for us!  She's amazing!  My favorite thing is that she is so easy to be around and FUN, but she's still so professional.  I love her.  If you're in the Utah Valley area you should check her out.

Anyway,  here are a few pictures that she's done for us.  I've just chosen 3 from each session.  The bridals haven't been shown to people yet so this is a sneak peek!  WOO!

Ayla's pictures taken at Megan's studio in April:  (She has already grown up so much since then, it makes me sad!)

Our engagement pictures taken in June:
9/8 for September 8th, our wedding day!  (Seahawks and Packers!) And they say "LEE" on the back!

AND our amazing bridals.  I LOVE THEM!

Seriously, how gorgeous are those pictures?  She did the best job.  I cannot say it enough!  I am so excited to see what she does with our wedding photos and to do some family pictures in the fall!  (Megan, we need to book you for family pictures in the fall!)

Also, here's a peek at our wedding invite, if you didn't send me your address to get one!  Our wedding which is only 11 days away... WHAT?!?!  YESSSS!  (P.S. the red lines on the invites are just showing where the edges would actually be cut when printed, this is just the proof!)  Invites designed by Annette Ward Studio.  Annette was also really great to work with, and like Megan, local and so reasonably priced!

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