Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camping at Currant Creek

This past June (I know, I am SO BEHIND!) Ayla and I got to go camping with Kyle's family at Currant Creek.  They go every year and Kyle loves it.  I remember when he went last year and I HATED it because he was without cell service for a week!  This year, I loved it.  I had so much fun with the Lee family, sleeping in the trailer, riding the 4-wheelers, eating yummy camping food (aka good dinners and LOTS of junk food), fishing, shooting, etc.

It was so beautiful up there.  Being up in the mountains with so many trees actually made my heart happy.  It reminded me of where I grew up.  And not having any cell phones or computers for that week was actually really great.  It was so fun to be able to connect with Kyle and Ayla and everyone else with none of those distractions (addictions) that are always there.

Like Brynn (age 7) said to her grandpa while we were up there, "Sometimes it's good to just have time with your family."  Yup, it sure is.

Here are my pictures from that week.  These are in no particular order.  I don't feel like going through and putting them in their correct timeline.  :)

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