Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bridal Showers

I was lucky enough to have two bridal showers.

The first bridal shower was at the end of July and planned by my new landlord.  It was a bunch of ladies from church, Kyle's mom, and my mom was able to be there!  They were so sweet and had the cutest framed pictures of Kyle and I.  The food was great and everything was decorated in red and blue!  I got tons of gifts for my kitchen, which I LOVED!

Here are a few pictures from that shower:

During the shower the bishop and a bunch of people were parading around the horses for the ward Rodeo the next day.

It was fun for everyone to go see the horses!
Spoiled with gifts!

Cute framed pictures of Kyle and I!

Yummy food!

My second bridal shower was planned by my dear friend Lauren and Kyle's mom!  We had it Kyle's parents house and we got to have my my friends from work, best friends, Kyle's family and friends, and some of my own family!  It was fun to have my aunt Marilyn, aunt Cindy, cousin Bevany, and grandma Ruby come.  It was so beautiful, and again I was spoiled with kitchen stuff!  (needless to say the first thing I did when we moved into our new apartment THAT EVENING was set up my kitchen!)  The pictures from this shower were taken by Lauren who is an amazing photographer!

SO beautiful! Photo cred: Lauren Stewart

SO beautiful! Photo cred: Lauren Stewart

Kyle's grandpa made those photo stands for every table at our reception!  LOVE!  Photo from Kyle's cell!

Baby Chase and I!  Lauren's sweet son! Photo cred: Lauren Stewart

Ayla watching Corinne frost the cupcakes.  Photo cred: Lauren Stewart

Cute Ayle in her adorable lace romper!  Photo from Kyle's cell.

White chocolate filled raspberries!  SO GOOD!  Photo from Kyle's cell.

Me and the pretty set-up.  From Kyle's phone!

Opening gifts with my girl!  Photo cred: Lauren Stewart
I am so grateful for everyone who took the time to come and celebrate me getting married!  YAY!  I do have to say, I am so bummed that I didn't get lingerie.  How sad is it to not get lingerie, isn't that what bridal showers are for?!  That's not true, my future sis-in-law did get me something and it's beautiful!  I LOVE her for that!  But really, I was so spoiled and am so lucky to have been given two bridal showers by such great people!  Thank you everyone!

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