Friday, July 5, 2013

A Friend in Need.

My mom had a pen pal many years ago named Yvonne.  Our family was able to make the trip to Wyoming in 1997 and meet Yvonne and her family.  I don't remember every detail of that trip, but I do remember a lot.  And I loved it.  I even still have a few pictures tucked into my childhood photo album from this trip.  Pictures of me with Yvonne's girls, Tandy and Kendra.

I recently became friends with Yvonne and Tandy on Facebook.  I haven't spoken to either of them since 1997, and actually I haven't made any contact with them now, either.  I just clicked "Add Friend."

Through these recent friendships on Facebook I have learned that Yvonne's daughter Kendra is facing a heart-breaking battle.  The battle for her unborn daughter's life.  "Kendra is 37 weeks pregnant and this past week found out that the precious baby she is carrying has a severe Ebsteins Anomoly, essentially the right atrium in the baby's heart is taking up the majority of her chest cavity and is compressing the lungs. Baby "C" as they call her has an extremely small chance of survival through childbirth."  {This information was taken from her donation page.} You can read her story here.

My heart is aching for Kendra and her family.  Though I don't know Kendra, I know that she is a wife and she is a mommy, just like me.  She is a woman who only has the option to be strong when being strong seems next to impossible.

I am amazed by her courage.  Her writing is so honest and so beautiful.

While I cannot offer much in the way of help or support for Kendra, I can offer prayers.  I can share her story in hopes that others will offer their prayers to Kendra and her family.  I have faith that our prayers will be heard and they will be answered.  Pray that Kendra, her husband, their two children, and their sweet baby Capri will have angels surrounding them, lifting them up while they climb this mountain.

The financial stress of such a fight can be overwhelming.  If you would like to offer monetary support for this sweet family you can do so by donating here.

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