Monday, July 8, 2013

Dirty. Diet. Coke. {Holy goodness}

My cousin Bevany had mentioned a "Dirty Coke" to me.  She said that it was amazing and I needed to try it.

"What the heck is a Dirty Coke?" I asked.

She explained that it was Coke with coconut syrup and a lime.  Gross.  First of all, I do not like Coke, I am a Diet Coke girl, all the way.  Second, I hate coconut.  Gross, gross, double gross.  Lime?  Meh.  I don't really like lime either.  If asked if I want a lime in my DC I will generally say no.

She still swore that it was amazing.  I finally said that I would try it.  Or at least I would try the Diet version.

I decided to be brave.  I stopped at Sonic and I asked for a Diet coke with coconut and a lime.  They asked if I wanted "blue coconut" or "coconut cream pie".  Blue coconut didn't sound right, so I said I'd have the cream pie.  I paid my $2, they gave me my drink, and I hesitantly sipped it.


I sipped it again.


Every single time I took a drink I had a mini freak-out because it was SO GOOD{Picture Kevin from The Office taking a bit of a candy bar during their silent game only to exclaim, "OH YEAH!", breaking the silence.}

I Instagrammed my obsession.

I now have a problem with Dirty Diet Coke.  I shared it with my bosses who now also have problems with Dirty Diet Cokes.  And there's a new kid in here today, his name is Maxwell.  I got him one on my lunch run and he just barely came out of the office saying, "THIS IS SO GOOD!"  Um yeah, it really is.

My sister-in-law, Cherry, and I have been trying to make it at home.  We each bought different coconut syrups to mix with our own DCs and limes.  It's not the same.  Neither of them tasted right.

Then I came across this:  Our Best Bites Dirty Diet Coke Recipe.  This makes sense.  Putting the half and half in it would give it the creamy goodness that my plain coconut syrup is lacking.

This, my friends, is the perfect summertime drink.  It is sweet and tangy and delicious.  It begs to be sipped next to a swimming pool.

Try it out, let me know what you think!  I can pretty much promise that you won't regret it.


  1. Have you tried it with the half and half?! That looks nomnomnom.

  2. I was a plain coke girl all the way and when I heard all the fuss, I decided I would try one too. I ran into the same question at Sonic and felt like saying.. "nevermind, get me a coke". Was I really about the pay 2.25$ and a day full of missing my coke for this? But oh they are heavenly! What a strange mix, I have wondered what other strange deliciousness is out there lurking that everyone knows about but me?

  3. just so you know the "dirty" in dirt diet coke comes from a bar drink were the White coconut rum represents MALE SPERM!!! that's why it is called "dirty" also this drink is not a sonic drink! think before you order this again as a DIRTY DIET COKE yuck!!! I work at sonic and we laugh every time some one asks for a dirty and think do they know what they are asking us to do

  4. I don't order it as "dirty", cause apparently that is only known in Utah due to the drive thru drink places. I just order it with white coconut and lime. And it needs to be the lime wedges. The lime juice makes it a little bitter for my taste. I don't know about the bar drink, but us Mormon kids wouldn't know that anyway. I will tell you the Blue coconut is NO where near the same... don't do it! Sometimes I run into a sonic that tells me they don't have white coconut, and I've had to tell them it's the cream pie. And I've tried this combination other places, and Sonic is by far the best...there is something about that creamy coconut that makes it dreamy. And if you go before 10am, the large drinks are $1, so I usually pay under $1.50 for mine. And then there's happy hour...:-) I have also introduced it to several others, and every single one loved it. Dr. Pepper and the coconut is also divine if you're more of a pepper fan.