Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Decadence, Lunch Dates, and Crio Bru.

The past week or so has been rough.  I have been tired.  Really tired.  Between packing, moving, unpacking, organizing, work, and very little sleep... I am just tired.

This morning was the worst.  I got up a little early, but I couldn't drag myself out of bed.  It took me forever to get ready because I was so exhausted.  I got to work 5 minutes early.  I accomplished the things that I needed to accomplish.  I asked my boss to fix something for me and as he was fixing what needed to be fixed I dozed off in my chair.  Sitting straight up.  I am tired.

Because I am so tired I have also been irritable.  Which annoys me probably almost as much as it annoys everyone around me.

So I sent my dear friend Carissa a text that said, "Today I think it's necessary to visit Decadence and buy myself a massive Crio Bru latte."

Long story short, we met at Decadence on 1600 North in Orem.  {Best friends leave work even when they planned on skipping their lunch that day to meet a friend in need of a pick-me-up.}

{Photo taken from a Google image search of Decadence Utah}

Decadence is charming.  It is a small artisan cafe that has a drive-thru.  It has a few outdoor bistro sets and some seating inside as well.  Decadence serves pastries, sandwiches, ice cream, and most importantly, Crio Bru.  You can learn more about Decadence here.

Through Decadence I discovered Crio Bru.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you are sure to have heard about my obsession with Crio.  I love it. 

{Photo taken from a Google image searf of Crio Bru}

What is Crio Bru?  "Crio Brü is a brewed drink made from 100% premium cocoa beans, roasted to perfection. Named after the most prized of cacao beans, the Criollo, Crio Brü will astound your taste buds with its complex flavors and subtle aromas which come right from the cocoa bean itself! It is 100% natural and 100% pure."  {This is information that is found on their website.}

Basically it is cocoa beans roasted the same way that one would roast coffee beans.  You can brew it like coffee, you can french press it like coffee, you can use it as a replacement for espresso in lattes.  It is delicious.  It is chocolately and light and a tad bitter if left unsweetened.  And it is good for you!

Benefits of Crio Bru:  {Information taken from their website.}

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Increase Energy Naturally
  • Curb Your Appetite and Lose Weight
  • Support Your Heart, Digestive System, Brain and Bones
  • Oxygenate the Blood and Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Feel Great, Increase Focus, Reduce Stress, and Sleep Better
Um, those are really great benefits.  And on top of that, it just tastes amazing.

Let me tell you the way that I enjoy my Crio Bru at home:  I purchase the ground beans from Macey's in Pleasant Grove.  I follow their instructions for French Pressing the bru.  I either drink it hot with a dash of International Delight's Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream coffee creamer, or I pour it over ice and add a dash of International Delight's Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream coffee creamer.  Both ways are SO GOOD.  I have tried other flavors to sweeten my Crio Bru, but I always come back to the Cold Stone Sweet Cream because it is beyond delicious.

Even Kyle and Ayla love it.  Ayla gets her own little mug.  She always wants it hot - never iced.  She practically does cartwheels when she finds out that we're making Crio Bru because she really, really loves it.  Kyle drinks it before he plays basketball on Tuesday nights and it gives him more energy and more stamina.  It's such a noticeable difference that he's bummed when he doesn't get Crio before basketball.

And yeah, it tastes delicious.  You really should visit their website and read more about the perfection that is Crio Bru.  {I have not been asked to do share this info and I am not being paid to do so, I just really love it.}

Anyway... Back to my rendezvous with the little bird, Carissa.  We met at Decadence and we ordered our drinks.  Carissa had a house bru with a little cream, vanilla, and whipped cream on top.  I had a 16 oz. Caramel Macchiato, iced.  We both had sweet orange rolls.  Holy goodness.  Those rolls, warmed up, will change your life.  {I didn't get a picture of the rolls because we downed them in no-time.}  Our drinks were delightful.  The space where we enjoyed our drinks was cozy and beautifully decorated.  The service at Decadence is fine, but I will warn you - it is not a place that you can drop by quickly.  I waited a good 15 minutes for my Caramel Macchiato.  The girl actually helped other customers after me before even starting my drink.  By the time I got my drink I had to just walk out the door, I didn't get to sit and enjoy it.  Even the drive-thru is not a quick experience.  HOWEVER, do not let that deter you.  It is so worth it.  And really, show me someone who doesn't need the time to sit and relax for a while and I will show you a liar.  We are so used to fast, fast, fast.  Sometimes it is nice to slow down.  Just not on a quick lunch break with a friend.

Decadence {An Artisan Cafe}
Iced Caramel Macchiato.  House Bru.

I so enjoy my lunches with my friend.  Remember when I posted way back here and I said that they probably wouldn't happen as frequently as we had discussed?  I am pleased to say that they are happening.  It goes to show that young, irresponsible, flighty girls can grow up to be successful, busy working women who can find time to keep dates with their friends.  We are learning to prioritize. 

I like it.

"Don't mind my obnoxious nails."  She says.  I throw mine down.  #obnoxiousbirds

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  1. I absolutely needed this in my life yesterday! I never fully understood what your obsession was, but now, trust me, it's crystal clear.

    Friend dates with you are always just what I need.