Monday, April 11, 2011


My baby isn't really a baby anymore.  I mean she is.  But everyday she grows up just a little more.  I'll stand up after zipping up her jammies and I'll look down at her stretched out on the floor and just about have a heart attack because she's SO BIG.  I'll watch her carefully studying my face and mimicking my expressions and smile.  I see her carefully organize her toys, pick up books and get lost in every page, and try to put on her own shoes.  I sit on the couch and hear her climb out of her bed and tromp around and the next thing I know she's coming down the stairs yelling "HIIII!", so proud of her independence and her cleverness.  I hear her head up the stairs with her blanket in tow and climb into her bed.  I follow to check on her and find her peacefully sleeping, my little girl putting herself to bed.

She is so smart and so independent.  It kind of makes me sad to watch her grow up and not be my tiny baby any more.  But on the other hand, the more independent she becomes the more she wants to sit in my lap.  The older she gets the happier she is sitting right next to me, laying her head on my arm and watching Tangled.  And when the movie is over and the credits are scrolling she climbs off the couch, grabs hold of my arm and pulls.  I stand up and she starts dancing and giggling.  Bobbing her head, waving her arms, never dropping eye contact with me.  And we dance.  Me and my girl!

Her new fav... Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk.  She feels like a big girl at Starbucks with her parents!

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