Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yummy Cheesy Pesto Pizza

Last night I was in the mood for pesto.  I had recently purchased a delicious jar of it at Costco and I wanted to use it! (Again.)  So while browsing the grocery section at Target, my favorite place ever, I decided on pizza.  Delicious pesto pizza.   With really great cheese.  Here is my simple recipe for a truly divine pizza.

Cheesy Pesto Pizza.

You will need:

1 Can of Pilsbury Pizza Dough
1/2 Cup Pesto
1/4 Cup Grated Gruyere Cheese
1/4 Cup Feta Cheese
10 (ish) Brie Cheese Medallions.  (We bought a brie log and sliced them thin like pepperoni!)
1 Large Chicken Breast.

You will first want to grease a baking sheet.  Lay the dough out to the desired shape and thickness.  Bake for 5 minutes.

Bake/grill/broil your chicken breast.  We broiled ours to save time.  Cut into pieces.

Spread 1/2 cup of pesto evenly onto the pizza dough.

Sprinkle 1/8 cup (we grated right onto the pizza!) gruyere cheese over pesto.  Do the same with 1/8 cup of feta cheese.  Place brie all over.

Sprinkle,or if you're OCD like me, strategically place chicken on top of the pesto and cheeses.

I finished of by sprinkling the remaining gruyere and feta cheeses on the pizza.

Bake for 10 minutes and there you have it!  Thank me later.

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