Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some funny things that I would like to remember.

  • On Saturday we went to Lauren's house.  I dropped my keys on the floor when I walked in because my hands were full.  After putting Ayla down and sitting on the couch Ayla picked up my keys, picked out a key, walked to Lauren's front door, and tried to put the key in the door.  I laughed and was blown away by the little things that she picks up on.

  • Ayla walks around dropping things for the specific purpose of saying, "UH-OH!"  Which actually sounds like "OH-OH".

  • When I am sitting down and Ayla wants me she will climb into my lap, wrap her arms around me and lean backwards in an attempt to pull me.  Then she climbs down, grabs my hand, and keeps pulling.  So I stand up and say, show me what you want to do!  And she'll lead the way.  Generally it's straight to her bed because she wants to lay down.

  • Ayla loves her bed.  It's so sweet how excited se gets when we walk into her room and she knows that she can climb into her bed.  She's become a great sleeper and continues to be an excellent napper.

  • Ayla loves to say "doggy!" and "kitty!" and "ducky!"  She's an animal lover.  Tantrums and tears occur when she can't touch/hold an animal.  I understand, I feel the same way inwardly when I'm not allowed to pet an animal also.

  • My girl is loving accessories.  Purses, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, skirts... She is super girly and I ADORE that!  I hear a lot of "oooooh pitty!" from here these days.  She's copying my, "awww pretty!"

  • She still refuses to talk much around other people.  I say, "Ayla say doggy!" and she looks at me and shakes her head no.  She's just a little shy!
  • And even though she has grown up and moved on to movies like Lilo and Stitch, Finding Nemo, and Shrek, she *sometimes* still gets excited about Elmo!

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