Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Not last night, but the night before, I had a dream that terrified me.

I was with Lauren and we walked outside and both instantly noticed that the sky was completely black, not a single cloud, and all of the stars were shining so brightly and clustered together directly above us.  Almost instantly the stars formed an arrow that pointed to the right, we of course followed the arrow and looked to the right.  The arrow then shot left, we looked left.  Suddenly the brightest light was shining down and we knew that it was an angel.  A hand appeared in the sky and I knew that it was the hand of God.  The hand started gesturing and with no words being spoken this is what it said, "The world has become evil.  These are dark times and they will continue to get worse.  I will be coming in 3.2 years.  You need to make things right."  I remember running to get my mom so that she could also see this.  It was terrifying.  The reality that I only have 3.2 years to get on track and make my life right.  I woke up extremely shaken.  It was so real.  All morning I was jumpy.  I even pulled the shower curtain back like 4 times during my 10 minute shower because I was sure that someone would be there.

Maybe this is a sign that I need to change things in my life, but I tell ya, I do not want this life to end.  I want to raise my girl and watch her grow up.  I sure hope that I have more than 3.2 years left.

But just in case... consider yourself warned.  3.2 years...  What would you do with only 3 more years?

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