Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm going to interrupt my holiday posts with a post all about love!  Aka Kyle.

On Saturday I came home from work, opened my door, and instantly noticed a trail of hershey's kisses.  My heart almost stopped!  I followed the trail into my bedroom where the bed and dresser were covered with kisses and hugs.  And on my dresser was a beautiful vase of flowers and a note written on my mirror. Seriously?!  This is like movie/fairytale stuff!  The note said"Six months ago I kissed a girl and I have been the happiest person in the world ever since".

How did I ever get so lucky?!  I didn't know it was possible to be treated so well.  I really am blown away by how sweet and loving and caring he is to me and to Ayla.  When he isn't around Ayla is saying, "Wanna see Tile?  I wanna see Tile!"  And in the car she'll say, "Wanna go to Tiles house see Jaycee?!"  That's Kyle's niece who she also loves.  She loves all of them, but she calls them all Jaycee.  :)  My favorite is when she just randomly says, "I love Tile."  Which happens at least twice a day.  I do too!

Kisses and hugs and lots of love!


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