Thursday, November 3, 2011


On Halloween Ayla got to come to Pinnacle where we work and trick-or-treat around the office.  She got SO MUCH CANDY.  The different departments were all decorated, some really scary.  I was worried that she wouldn't be ok with it, but boy did she love the scary stuff.  Those were the departments that she didn't want to leave.  She wanted to see every skeleton and every grave.  She would get really close and say "WOW! Dats so tool!"  Meaning wow, that's so cool!  And then she would throw a fit when I had to drag her away from the creepy decorations!

That evening we met at Kyle's house and went around his neighborhood with his brother's fam.  Every time a door opened Ayla would bolt into the house and I would have to go in and get her.  Embarrassing!  Eventually I just had to carry her because she was getting worn out and didn't want to walk and to avoid her running into every single house.  We had so much fun and were so glad that Kyle's family let us tag along.  They are the best!

Jaycee the zombie
Brynn the witch
Sydnie as Ariel
Logan was Optimus Prime!
Ayla the puppy
I was a kitty!
This is Kyle's awesome Transformers pumpkin
Optimus Prime!

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