Thursday, November 3, 2011

Haunted Ginger Bread House and Thanksgiving Point Round 2!

I am so behind in my blogging... and I have so many pictures!  I'm going to break up everything that has happened the past few weeks into mini posts!

A couple weeks ago we made gingerbread haunted houses at Kyle's house.  And by "we" I mean Kyle worked really hard on an awesome one and I tried to stop Ayla from destroying everyone else's and eating all the candy.  :)

He's so thrilled that I'm taking pictures...
Sydnie and her haunted house!
Kyle's finished haunted house!  So great!
Kyle's finished haunted house!  So great!

We also got to go back to Cornbelly's Corn Maze with our friends the Jett's and the Young's!  We brought the little girls along and it was so much fun!  I didn't bring my camera (seeing as I lost it at Lagoon) but Kyle took a few good pictures of Ayla!

Ayla enjoying her wagon ride
"SWIDE!"  This girl loves her slides...
Madison Young and Ayla being friends in the wagon.  SO CUTE!
Ayla in the room full of corn.  She had so much fun!

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