Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy Busy Week...

We moved into our new apartment this week! We officially had everything out of our old place and into the new place by Wednesday morning. It's still a mess, but I hope to get most of it organized this weekend. One thing we still need and have NEVER had is a dresser!! I don't know how we have gone sooo long without a dresser, but I am fed up with it. I am determined to get one within the week so that I don't have to worry about shelves and hangers as much anymore.

It's fun to be in a new area... even if it is only 15 minutes away from the previous area. :) There are new restaurants and stores to check out. We're closer to work and the freeway, which is really nice. And we're literally 2 minutes away from Provo Town Center Mall. So far the only down sides to our new place are:

1. We don't have cable and Internet, like he led us to believe, so if we want that we need to pay for it ourselves.

2. The people that live upstairs have 3!!! Hound dogs. This morning we woke up at 5:30 AM to all 3 dogs howling like they were on a fox chase. It was insane. I could not believe how loud they were, it felt like our house was vibrating. I really hope that doesn't happen every morning. If it does, our landlord will definitely hear about it!

3. We don't have furniture to furnish a 3 bedroom home! And of course, we don't have money to acquire any. And, just my luck, no one is giving away any free or even CHEAP furniture in the classifieds. It seems like they are usually over-flowing with cheap/free furniture, but OF COURSE, not when I need it. I am really regretting selling our couch/coffee table/kitchen table/desk etc. before leaving the old place. I thought Joseph wouldn't be here to help me move and that I could easily acquire those things later on. Dumb.

Besides those things I am really enjoying our new apartment!

Joseph is doing really well on the sales team. His first 2 hours on the phone he made 2 sales. The next day he made 3. Yesterday, his 3rd day, he made 5 sales! Mark pays cash spiffs daily for sales, so his first day he earned $80 cash. The payment goes something like this:

2 sales before 12- $10

3 or more sales- $50

There are a lot more spiff payouts than that, but those are just examples. So on top of his hourly pay and on top of his end of the month commission check, he gets to leave work with cash. He doesn't get it everyday, but Mark keeps a running total of what is owed, so he gets it eventually. Plus Mark buys us lunch if the boys hit a certain amount of sales, which is at least 3 times a week. We are really spoiled and lucky to be working here!

When you earn a lot of cash Mark pays you in one dollar bills and he throws it up in the air, making it fun, and a little humiliating when you have to crawl around and pick it up:

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  1. MAKE IT RAIN!!!! Good job Joseph! Its good to have you back at work. and congrats to the worlds best Penguins fan!