Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karate Kid

Last night, for the first time ever, I was able to feel the baby kick from the OUTSIDE of my tummy. I was laying in bed, feeling her moving all over the place, so I put my hand there and WOW, she kicked me! (Maybe punched, who knows!) I had Joseph put his hand there immediately and luckily she did it again so he was able to feel it too. It was exciting! I felt it a few times after that, but every time I tried to have Joseph feel it again she'd stop moving.

Today she is being a crazy kid and moving alllll over the place. She won't stay still! I can pretty much guarantee that if someone were to put their hand on my stomach at any given time today they would feel her kicking. I think she is practicing to be a kick boxer. Or maybe a dancer! I won't say soccer player because I HATE soccer and I have no interest in being a soccer mom, so I'm hoping it's anything but soccer. :)

I changed our blog layout... I decided I wanted something a little more light and summery. I love the dark colors, but these ones just seem to fit a lot better right now.

My mom will be here in two days. I'm excited for that! It will be nice to have her around for a while. She'll be shuffling back and forth between Tooele and Provo, between my aunts house and our house. That's going to be a lot of driving! Hopefully Joseph and I will get to go to Tooele and visit my aunt and her family as well. And maybe we'll even get to Salt Lake City to visit my grandma! We'll see. Next Tuesday, the 30th, we have an ultra sound. We'll get to see the baby in the morning and then we'll go out to lunch with Joseph's grandma in Draper. After that we will head into Salt Lake City and do some shopping. Hopefully get a few cute baby girl outfits. :) I believe my aunt Marilyn and cousin Haylee with be coming along. It will be fun to have a girly day!

Hopefully this next week goes by as fast as last week did!


  1. I'm on my way. . . I'm hanging out with my friend in Yakima tonight and then I'll take off tomorrow am. I like your new web page. I like the name Ayla, that's sweet. I hope to feel Ayla kick when I get down there. I'm ordering cooler weather when I come down okay?

  2. You have a long drive ahead of you! And such a boring one... It looks a little cooler outside today, but I'm guessing it isn't. I think you'll be out of luck!